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How to do Yoga/Exercises for back and tail bone pain at home

Hello Everyone,

Today is our post regarding exercises to keep us active and help us in getting rid of back pain.I had tail bone pain so these are some of the exercises and yoga postures recommended by my Physiotherapist.Not just for the pain but for well being of overall body.We sit long hours in front of laptop/computers  or  TV,but in unsteady postures which will affect or spine and back in the long run.So its must to have good balanced diet and exercises to keep us healthy and fit.


Walking is the best form of exercise.Daily  brisk walk for at least half an hour ,if you have good walking track or park nearby  else in Treadmill .But  before   walking /Running in tread mill ,its a must to warm up.

Note :Be careful while using Treadmills Read safety instructions,

  • Use good running shoes and Good Treadmill ,Power of motor should be min 2 HP.
  • People who have knee Injury or Bone injury and People aged more than 45 be cautious while using ,if you have breathlessness or you have not exercised in months /Years or if you don’t have the fitness .Please consult a doctor .Do not buy treadmill @ home and cause any injuries
  • Pregnant women should avoid walking/Running on treadmills

Basic warm up exercise like Stretching ,Jumping jacks ,twisting torso etc.After warm ups start by walking slowly for a minute and then increase the pace and walk with good speed then increase more pace and then run  and then repeat the process by decreasing the speed.


Below are some of the yoga postures/exercises one should do everyday.

  • Lie on your back,bend knees such that your knees point to ceiling and feet flat on the ground.
  • Inhale and raise your hip and chest up hold the position and Breathe normally for 2 to 3 breaths .
  • Then slowly exhale and come back to the position and then relax.
Bridge pose by beautify and healthify
Bridge Pose or Setu bandhasana

Highly beneficial for  stretching  and strengthening back , hamstring,abdominal muscles and legs .It also stretches Chest and Lungs.Improves digestion also.

3.Uni lateral bridges

This is same as bridges but an advanced step with one leg raised.

Raised leg bridges
Uni Lateral bridge
  • Lie on your back,bend knees such that your knees point to ceiling and feet flat on the ground.
  • Inhale slowly raise your 1 leg ,hip chest up hold the position and Breathe normally for 2 to 3 breaths 
  • Then slowly exhale and come back to the position and then relax.Repeat the same procedure for alternate leg.
  • 4. Thunderbolt pose  (Vajrasana)

    This is a easy asana which is a base position for most of sitting asanas.

    • Sit back on your heels and place your knees ,heels together
    • Place your palms on knees and keep back straight
    • This is good meditation posture helps in aiding digestion. Relieving from acidity and  digestive disorders.

    5. Cat -Camel pose (Marjari Asana )

    This is 2 poses 1 flowing into other .

    Note :Do not do this if you have knee pain/Injury Consult Doctor before doing

    • Begin on your hands and knees keep your hands near your shoulders  that is standing on all fours.
    • Inhale and tilt tail bone and pelvis Up let spine curve be downwards and head pointing up.(Cat pose)
    • then slowly exhale and reverse the spinal bend pull stomach in and pelvis and tail bone down  Similar to camel(Camel Pose).

    Repeat this transitions several times.This is beneficial for your spine and tail bone.

    6.Tiger Pose (vyagrasana)

    This is similar to cat pose.

    Note :Do not do this if you have knee pain/Injury  like slip disc Consult Doctor before doing

    • Begin on kneeling down and by  putting  your hand in front of your shoulder.
    • Inhale and lift one leg  such they are parallel to ground and then bend  your leg backwards And raise your neck backwards  then slowly come back to normal position
    • Repeat with another leg
    • Very beneficial for burning the abdominal fat,Loosens hips joints and tail bone.
    • Relaxes sciatic nerves

    you can also find some other yoga postures:

    7.Hot water Bag for Relaxation

    If you have too much tail bone pain use sits bath and hot water bag for relaxation.Find the link below to  buy hot waterbag.

    Please do try this yoga and practice it regularly and have patience.You will definitely see the benefits for all the effort you put in.

    Feel Beautiful !! STAY HEALTHY

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