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How to beautify using Own Homemade Egg mask

How to beautify using Own Homemade Egg mask

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How to beautify using Own Homemade Egg mask

Let me give you some ideas for all the women to spend your  weekends  with your own beauty masks.
Well I tried these beauty masks this long weekend using Egg.


Lavender or any other essential oil(I used lavender because it provides soothing effect and egg smells a lot it will neutralize the smell)
Egg Yolk face masks is very beneficial for dry skin
Mix all of the above ingredients in a clean bowl,whisk it at least for 3 minutes and use Face mask brush to apply it on your face hand and neck.This will be slimy .keep it on until it dries and then wash it with Luke warm water by scrubbing.Well you will be surprised to see a clean and glowing face in 1 application itself.
Its better if you apply these masks before bath.


I have a oily hair type so i used only egg white for my hair.So if you have a dry hair then u can use both egg white and yolk.Egg yolk is rich in protein ,vitamin ,zinc and lot more
Curd -1 teaspoon (optional)
Mix all the ingredients in a bowl and its ready to be apply.Before applying slightly dampen your hair.then apply on your hair using brush from scalp to end.If you have dry ends then apply more on your end.Wash it with a mild shampoo.After wash i could feel my hair is strong and soft.
That s all for now ladies .Please do try I swear you will surely feel the difference.Please try these masks for at least 4 consecutive weekends.You will surely love your skin and Hair with these HOMEMADE Natural Masks.
Let me know  how it worked for you in the comment section..

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