May 25, 2022 7:58 pm

Happy Eid! : OOTD & MOTD

Eid has been a few days ago, but it’s still not too late to say…

Happy Eid Mubarak!
Minal aidzin wal faidzin, sorry to be born and in the heart.

This year’s Eid is not as rich as usual, because I don’t have Eid in Jogja. This year, I’m celebrating Eid in Jakarta with my brothers and sisters from my mother. The reason is because it used to be said “when Eid is quiet in Jakarta, you want to go to the shopping mall it’s also quiet, the streets are not jammed, you can lie down”. Well, I’m tempted to feel the Eid vibe in Jakarta. Turns out it’s not as quiet as I thought because he said not all residents of Jakarta are going home, after tickets are expensive, right 🙁

Bythewayyy, this is the outfit I wore for Eid yesterday!

If the photo isn’t complete, it feels like there’s no candid like that~
I made this shirt, a twin with my sister & mother. My mother wears blue, my sister wears red. The fabric uses cotton combined with striated fabric. Wearing a regular rawis veil in a nude peach color, I really love it. If you bought the bag at et cetera, it’s funny, isn’t it like it’s traditional like that WKWKWK. The shoes are VNC, the birds are really cute :)))
It’s really a struggle to find a place to pray for Eid al-Fitr in Jakarta, but not in a mosque, but in the field. Browsing browsing, until I wanted to go to Al-Azhar but it was too far away. Finally, there is someone who is close to the condet, in SD-SMP-SMA Muhammadiyah, in which area, huh… hehe I don’t know 🙁 I’m blind in Jakarta.

Now when it comes to makeup, I just choose the simple one because the preparations are super rushed, right? At first I wanted to use peach eyeshadow and others but never mind, this is how it will turn out. The products that I use are quite few, no foundation/bb cream/cushion, but I use twc wkwkwk.

This is the product that I used to make a look for Eid yesterday…

Everything lasts until I’m done going around to your relatives’ houses, except the lipstick, it just eats up my mouth :))) Mostly the eyeliner that smudges under the eyes makes it look like a panda, but it’s easy to remove, just wipe it with your finger and then touch up use powder.

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Btw I’m still in love with you Emina Cheeklit Cream Blush – Nudie Brown, how come I just tried it. It’s a very nice nude peach brown color. Where the hell I just bought last month…..

While in Jakarta I only went to the same relative’s house….shopping! Crazy at the Jakarta Fair :((((Tomorrow I’ll post what I bought. Ready to be poisoned! :p

That’s all for now, a bonus photo of me and my sister


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