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Green Angelica Hair Tonic Review, Makes Loss Reduce

By Salsabilla Kiranasafira – September 14, 2021

From the start I share about beauty In this blog, I think I’ve only talked about a few times hair care. This time I want share wear experience Hair Tonic Green Angelica who has a claim to reduce hair loss.

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Green Angelica is brand local whose products focus on hair care. There are products to nourish hair, strengthen hair, grow hair and others. Because my hair problem is falling out, so I was suggested to try Hair Nutrition Tonic.

This product is toner for hair used after shampooing. I usually use hair This serum is when the hair is still wet. Just spray it onto the scalp and massage gently. In addition to reducing hair loss, this product can also make hair look shinier and healthier.

BPOM : NA18181002954

Packaging Hair Tonic Green Angelica

This Green Angelica Hair Tonic is packaged in bottle with applicator spray. The bottle is made of plastic, so it won’t break easily. For size, 100 ml yes. It’s quite a lot for me because once you use it, it only takes 4-6 times spray.

To sprayerIt’s super smooth, so it’s not the harsh type and it’s shocking because it only sprays at one point. Sprayer This Angelica Green Hair Tonic spreads and is very comfortable to use.

Ingredients Hair Tonic Green Angelica

This Green Angelica Hair Tonic contains Aloe Vera Extract which is known to be good for treating hair. Aloe Vera or aloe vera can make hair stronger and look healthier. In addition, this Green Angelica Hair Tonic also contains Angelica Keiskei Extract (Ashitaba leaves) which has been known as a hair growth medicine since ancient times. This product also contains candlenut extract (Aleurites Moluccana Extract) which can prevent hair loss and accelerate hair growth.

Honestly, I just realized that the ingredients of this Hair Tonic Green Angelica are all super good! The results do not disappoint. Want to know what the result was? Read to the end ok…

Texture & Scents Hair Tonic Green Angelica

The texture of this product is liquid, not sticky and not greasy. Some products for hair usually have an oily texture, but this Angelica Green Hair Tonic is not super comfortable to use. As for the scent, I really like it because it smells like tea! Experience Using this product is really fun (*´︶`*)╯

My Thoughts About Hair Tonic Green Angelica

I use this Green Angelica Hair Tonic every 2-3 days, every time I wash my hair and my hair is still half wet. I apply directly to the scalp while massaging a little massage. When it hits the scalp, this Hair Tonic Green Angelica feels cold.

After routinely using Hair Tonic Green Angelica, my hair loss is much less! Usually my hair will get stuck in the hair tie every time I let go of the ponytail. But now it rarely gets stuck in the hair tie, I’m really happy

So now there are many baby hair which can be seen in the middle and sides of my hair. baby hair This shows that Angelica Green Hair Tonic really is Proven to stimulate hair growth.

For those of you who want to know more about Green Angelica products, you can directly look at Instagram Green Angelica yes. There are many choices and can be adapted to concern your hair.


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