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Go to the Nutrishe Store in Jogja! Theres discount!

By Salsabilla Kiranasafira – January 10, 2021

Shopping on line and offline it’s so different vibeshis. If on line, we can not feel try the product directly. If offline, we can really get experience try it tester and know how packaging, texture, aroma of the product.

Well a few days ago I played offline store from one local brand that is Nutrishe! This nutrition is local brand who was a hit with his eyelash serum. In the past, the eyelash serum packaging was still in a bottle and the applicator was separate. But now the packaging is done upgrade more practical and beautiful.

Nutrishe Store It is located at Jalan Demangan Baru No. 10, Yogyakarta. The location is across from Indomaret. Tips from me if you use a car and park in front storeit’s full, you can park at Indomaret, hihi.

nutrition store

Before the entrance of Nutrishe store, provided hand sanitizer. Don’t forget to use hand sanitizer and your mask too! After entering, we will check the temperature first.

buy nutrition

After entering, there will be a pile of mini baskets that you can take for shopping skincare. You can go around store to view products from Nutrishe.

nutrition store
nutrition store

Currently, Nutrishe has four products, namely Nutrilash, Nutrishe Intensive Bright & Glow Serum, Nutrishe Brightening Body Lotion, and Nutrihair. All these products are available in full at Nutrishe store. Then the arrangement is also very beautiful, you can all take pictures here.

nutrition store

Besides being able to shop, you can also try Nutrishe products here. Because I really like Nutrilash, so I tried this Nutrilash. The product tester here is also complete, so you can ‘taste’ the product first.

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nutrition store

I myself really enjoy shopping at Nutrishe store this. Apart from being a complete product, design storeIt’s also very beautiful and honestly there are lots of photo spots! I want to ootd and you can too haha.

buy nutrilash

My favorite spot is in this glass section! It’s so beautiful for photos, then you can look at it when you try Nutrishe products too.

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buy nutrition

I have important information here. For those of you who want to buy Nutrishe products, you can go directly to Nutrishe store which is on Jalan Demangan. Until January 31, every purchase on Nutrishe store will be able to 5% discount! Then if you updates on social media you, there will be additional 5% discount again. That’s great right? Not only that… Every minimum purchase of 200k, you will get it free scrunchie! It’s really great.

Because I’m curious, I want to try all of Nutrishe’s products ah. Later I updates the review is here!


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