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Glowing Sunscreen Review: Ella SPF 50 Moisturizer Day Cream

By Salsabilla Kiranasafira – December 21, 2020

Discussion of questions skincare not far from the name basic skincare. Do you still remember the steps that are included in basic skincare that cleansing-toning-moisturizing-protecting. Well, there are at least 4 steps for skincarean. For those of you who don’t like complicated, there is a product called day cream. day cream This is a combination of moisturizer and sunscreen.

I was alone before I knew the step basic skincare, already made Wardah White Secret Day Cream. I think day cream is practical and simple very. Well this time I’m trying Moisturizer Day Cream from Ella!

The packaging of this product is similar to SpKK doctor’s cream, a small jar with 10 grams of content. Oh yes, the packaging of this Moisturiser Day Cream is exactly the same as the product Ella Whitening Cream.

This Ella Moisturiser Day Cream product is a day cream that is formulated for those who have skin normal to dry. Oh yes, this product contains SPF 50, it’s quite high for a day cream.

Because this product contains SPF 50, this Moisturizer Day Cream can be used as a moisturizer sunscreen. The content of the UV filter used is Titanium Dioxide so this product is included in the type of physical sunscreen.

sunscreen by type physical has the ability to protect the skin from the outside. So it forms a layer on the outside of the skin that can protect against UV rays from entering the skin layer. Well since he forms a layer outside the skin, usually physical sunscreen this love effect whitecast.

Although the packaging of this product looks like a doctor’s cream, don’t worry because this product has already been usedBPOM and there halal certificate! You don’t need to be afraid to use this product, because it’s guaranteed to be safe.

As for the texture, this product actually looks rich and thick. But when applied to the skin, it turns out to be very easy to spread. I don’t feel greasy at all. But if we touch our face, we feel that there is a slippery and slightly sticky layer. Then at first I thought whitecast it will look really good, it’s not really…

The smell of this product may be a little annoying when you first use it. But over time, you’ll get used to the smell. Actually it smells good, now I really like the smell wkwkwk.

Honestly I like the results after using this product. My face is so hard moist, brighter, and maximum glow! Can you see how glowing my face is after using this Moisturizer Day Cream? Well, the glow is also durable, you know, if you want to overwrite it with a cushion, it still looks glowing. I really like this product because it makes my skin so soft looks very healthy.

This product is also delicious reapply sunscreen. Because it’s already super moist, so you don’t need to use a moisturizer again before. Then the result is also a finished face look fresh again.

Tips from me if you want to use sunscreen whatever it is morning or afternoon when repeat, I usually make sure my face is still wet. If in AM routine I used serum before, so before the serum absorbs everything I use it right away sunscreen because it will be easier toblendhis. If it’s noon when repeat, I usually spray face mist first let the face get wet. But according to your skin condition, yes. Who knows, it turns out that your skin prefers it when you apply it sunscreen when the skin is dry.

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There is one more thing that I like about this product, which is that the price is really affordable!!!! You can get this product at a price of 57,000 rupiah. You can get the product through this link. You can also consult first via the link above…

For more information about Ella, you can follow Ella’s Instagram. Usually promo and discount info is also shared via their Instagram, don’t miss it!

Are you interested in the product or not? hybrid Among moisturizer and sunscreen like this?


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