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Get to Know Elsheskin and Their Best Product(s)

Who agrees that skincare is the main foundation for the face so that the application of makeup can be easier and the results are more beautiful? I am one of the people who agree with that statement. In my opinion, skincare is not only for nourishing the skin so that makeup is more ‘sticky’, it is also an investment for the condition of facial skin decades later.

One of the local skincare brands in Indonesia is ElsheSkin. Elsheskin is a skincare brand (and there are some makeup like lipsticks) that has many products with various types that can be adapted to skin conditions. Elsheskin emphasizes more on cleanliness and skin health, if it can be done then skin beauty will automatically follow.

Oh yes, Elsheskin also has a clinic in the Nologaten area, Jogja. At Elsheskin Clinic, there are many treatments to choose from, but before that there is a skin check with a doctor to see the skin condition and make it easier to choose the type of treatment that suits your skin condition! So the treatment that is done is really the treatment that our skin needs.

Like other beauty brands, Elsheskin has several flagship products that are loved by everyone, wow. If you see beauty vloggers who try Elsheskin’s flagship products, they will definitely like it. Suhay Salim, Stephanie Rose, Fatya Biya, fell in love with Elsheskin’s flagship product. Are you curious about what?

The first,

Elsheskin Radiant Skin Serum

Radiant Skin Serum can make skin glowing and remove black spots such as acne scars. Some friends and relatives have tried this little one and immediately recommended this product to everyone. The reason is one, this little guy is just that cool. One of my friends at ElsheSquad also really likes this serum because if you use it at night, your face will glow in the morning.

This serum is used after toner, so the steps are cleanser-toner-serum-moturizer-sunscreen (morning). How to use it, just drop 2-3 drops, then apply it all over the face. If you want to make it up to the neck, that’s okay too! Why does it have to be 2-3 drops? Because this serum has a heavier concentration than other skincare, it’s easy for the serum to have a higher dose so you can’t use it a lot.

In addition to this serum, there are 4 other types of serum that are owned by Elsheskin, namely:

  1. Vitamin C Serum
    This serum functions to brighten facial skin and is recommended for those of you who have normal skin. Vitamin C is also rich in antioxidants so it is suitable for those of you who often do outdoor activities because it will nourish the skin.
  2. Smoothing Serum for Acne Skin
    Well as the name implies, this type of serum is suitable for those of you who have acne-prone skin types or are acne prone. This smoothing serum will remove acne and smooth your skin as usual!
  3. Sebum Reducer Serum
    This one works to reduce oil on the face. Suitable for those of you who have oily skin
  4. Anti Aging Serum
    As the name suggests, this serum works to prevent premature aging. Very suitable for those of you who feel that your skin is starting to wrinkle or have fine lines even though you are still in your 20s. For aunts, buddies, mothers, aged 30 and above, it is also recommended to use skincare that is useful for anti-aging, right!

Oh yeah, because I’ve only been using this serum for one day (because I’ve previously neutralized my skin after using a serum from another brand), so I can’t give a review yet. You can follow my instagram (@bellaksfr), later when it’s been a few days I’ll update the results of the Radiant Skin Serum on my instastory! 🙂

The second,

Deep Cleansing

This is everyone’s love. Have you ever been lazy to use mascara because it’s difficult to clean and sometimes even make your eyelashes fall out 🙁 So the good news is, this Deep Cleansing can easily clean even waterproof makeup. Besides being used when using makeup, this Deep Cleansing can also be used when we don’t wear makeup all day. Why? Because the dust can stick to our faces and make our faces dirty. As a result, the pores are clogged and the various kinds of skin care that we use can’t get into the skin perfectly. buy skincare but can’t feel the benefits to the fullest just because our skin is not clean.

There are 3 types of deep cleansing, for normal skin, oily skin, and sensitive skin. Because my skin is sensitive, I like it red when I rub it for a long time or if it’s exposed to the sun, that’s why I use Deep Cleansing for Sensitive Skin!

From the packaging, it makes it easier for us not to waste it in use, wkwk. Because the mouth of the bottle is shaped like the photo above, so we don’t have to be afraid to take out too much product. To clean the entire face, just use 3-5 drops.

This Deep Cleansing can be used as a First Cleanser or Second Cleanser. As First Cleanser by rubbing the product onto the face and massaging it slowly, then gently rubbing the eye area, after that rinsed with water and continued using facial wash. If for Second CleanserAfter you use the makeup remover/first cleanser, you use this Deep Cleansing as a facial wash. So mixed with a little water.

(+) Makes the makeup melt right away, the fake sins of putty are immediately blown away

(+) Just a little bit can clean one’s face, babe

(+) Makes eye cleaning also delicious, practical, and not painful

(-) To clean Maybelline mascara, there is still a little bit of Total Temption left, so you have to clean it with eye makeup remover afterwards, but there’s only a little bit of mascara left.

(-) The packaging:( Oh, the product is as cool as this but the packaging is lacking :((

Oh yes, this deep cleansing should not be used twice a day. Just use it when you wash your face at night, ok?

The third,

Water Based Nail Polish

So actually this is not claimed by Elsheskin as the best product, but this is my favorite product and that of ElsheSquad’s friends. Yesterday at the gathering, I ended up wearing nail polish together :)))

Why do we really like Elsheskin nail polish? Because it’s water based, it can peel off so you can use it even if you don’t get it. Because of that earlier, it’s easy to get rid of it. The language was ticked 🙁

So this Water Based Nail Polish has 5 colors, Adora, Hailey, Ava, Autumn, Rosanna. These colors are the same as Elsheskin’s matte lipsticks. So it can be used together, the color of the lips and nails is the same! At a glance, maybe Hailey and Ava’s colors and Autumn and Rosanna’s look almost the same. But originally Hailey and Autumn were older than Ava and Rosanna. But it would be really funny if the old and young colors were used together so that each nail alternated.

So, that was the best product from Elsheskin! For those of you who want to know about other Elsheskin products, you can go directly to . On the website, you can also buy the products! I saw that there was a discount for all types of serum. Don’t hesitate, just check and try it first!


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