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Get acquainted with the Skincare Smoothies Technique, Come on!

By Salsabilla Kiranasafira – October 28, 2021

Some time ago I was busy on Instagram and Twitter about Skincare Smoothies what Pakde Danang did on IG Story. As soon as this trend became popular, I immediately wondered what skincare smoothies really are…

It turns out, skincare smoothies is a technique of mixing serum with moisturizer. The goal is to summarize the time when skincare routine. So it’s just a matter of pledging pledging, it’s done~ This Skincare Smoothies technique is really suitable for skincare magers because simple and no hassle! I myself have tried this Skincare Smoothies technique and this time I will share the ‘recipe’!

Skincare Smoothies

Usually I use this Skincare Smoothies technique when I’m super lazy with skincare or when my skin needs moisture but I don’t want something ‘serious’ like when I finish ablution and pray. Sometimes when it’s right repeat skincare, I also use this Skincare Smoothies technique first.

Disclaimer, my skin type normal to dry yes. So you can adjust this recipe according to your skin type.

Glowing Smoothies

Skincare Smoothies

This Skincare Smoothies recipe has a target to make skin glow! Suitable for those who have concern dull skin and acne scars. This is my favorite Skincare Smoothies recipe, I use it most often.

I use 4 pumps of Elsheskin Hydra Boost Oil Free Moisturizer and 3 pumps Elsheskin Radiant Skin Serum. I put both of them in the palm of my hand first, blend it, then tap it on the face.

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Rejuvenating Smoothies

Skincare Smoothies

This second recipe is perfect for those of you who skin concernit is premature aging. Mix of Deep Hydration Calming Moisturizer and Active Rejuvenating Night Serum can make skin super supple and free from wrinkles.

Why do I prefer to use Deep Hydration Calming Moisturizer at this step? Because Active Rejuvenating Night Serum contains mainly retinol and retinol is an ingredient that has the potential to make skin dry and irritated. So I’m just being careful to use this pink variant of moisturizer.

Oh yes, mixing retinol serum with a moisturizer such as the Skincare Smoothies technique can reduce the side effects of using retinol. Usually, the skin becomes dry, so with the Skincare Smoothies technique, it won’t dry out.

Brightening Smoothies

Skincare Smoothies

The last recipe is Brightening Smoothies which has benefits for making skin brighter and also overcoming PIH. If you have skin concern PIH or black acne scars, this recipe is for you! In this recipe, the mixture is Hydra Boost Oil Free Moisturizer and Radiant Supple Serum.

As usual, when I use this Hydra Boost Oil Free Moisturizer, I always use 4 pumps. Super texture light Makes my skin feel like I need to use more. If you feel that 4 pumps is too much, you can adjust it 🙂

Those are my three Skincare Smoothies recipes! For those who want to try the Skincare Smoothies technique, you can get the product at Elsheskin website. Don’t forget to use code SQUADBELLA to get 10% discount <3


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