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Garnier Sakura White Pinkish Radiance Essence Lotion Review

By Salsabilla Kiranasafira – May 13, 2020

The first time you start pointing skincareI’m really curious about the product whose name is essence. Confused whether he entered into a toner or serum? But how come the name is different.. In the end, I haven’t dared to try it, I’m still focused on basic skincare.

Not long after, Garnier released a new product, the Sakura White series. One of the products is essence. That was a lot of time beauty influencer which review and say like essencehis. After that, when I checked shopee, it turned out to be discounted, just brushed it off because I was curious.

Essence is actually a product skincare which functions to moisturize the skin so that skincare then easier to absorb. Almost as rich hydrating that toner~ But if hydrating Toner usually only functions to moisturize, if essence have another function. For example, this product is rich claimIt’s not just moisturizing.


This product is packaged in a clear plastic bottle, but it doesn’t look cheap. This product contains 120 ml, quite a lot in my opinion because each skincareI only use 3-4 drops and actually I don’t just use this regularly. Oh yes, the packaging hole is small so it doesn’t spill over.


  • Instantly moisturizes skin
  • Makes skin feel smooth
  • brighter skin, bouncy, and glowing


This product contains glycerin which is humectant. Because it’s pregnant humectant, this product can moisturize the skin. This product also contains niacinamide which can moisturize, disguise dark spots, and control oil production. Oh yes, this product contains alcohol, but on my skin is not so problematic. For those whose skin is sensitive to alcohol, maybe you can avoid it. This product is also certified halal, so this is muslim friendly yes 🙂

Texture & Scent

This product has a gel texture but is liquid. So it’s not as thick as gel but not as thick asrunny liquid. The color of the product is light pink. As for the scent, it smells like cherry blossoms. It’s great to make it fresh.

My Thoughts

I like this product because when you use it, it works Instantly moisturises skin. The smell is also really good, so it gives a pleasant sensation every time you apply it to your face, hihi.

  • Instantly moisturizes skinyes! like i said before 😉
  • Makes skin feel smooth – no, I feel the texture is the same
  • brighter skin, bouncy, and glowing – skin feels more bouncy yes, but for the same bright glowing not see. Even if my skin becomes brighter & glowing I think it’s the result of skincare Others are rich in serum or moisturizer. But maybe the role of the essence here it helps skincare After that, it absorbs more optimally.

I don’t think you should really try this product. If you really have hydrating toner, I think it’s enough, I don’t need to add this product. If you want to try essence others, please because the effect can be different from this product. If you’re still looking hydrating toner and confused, this product can be an option because in my opinion its function is almost the same, right?

Oh yeah, I think the Garnier Sakura White series will be more visible and complement each other if you use a series. But it’s not cool if I use one set, I’m always curious about different products and can’t just use one set from a certain brand. How about you?


Where to buy?

Garnier’s official shop on Shopee (but there are also drugstores!)

39,500 (discounted price)

original price 79,000


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