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Fuller’s Earth(Multani Mitti) Benefits For Face, skin & hair

Aluminum silicate is found in Multani Mitti, which helps in keeping the skin fresh.

Under this article, we will know what benefits of fuller’s earth (Multani Mitti) are. How to use fuller’s earth (Multani Mitti) for face, skin, and hair so that we can get rid of all the problems of our face and hair.

Multani Mitti is used to get rid of skin problems and to get glowing skin. It is used for the beauty of the skin and beauty of hair for centuries. Multani Mitti is a great agent for cleaning, refreshing, and nourishing your skin. There are some elements that absorb oil, dirt, sweat, and impurities, which makes the skin clean, soft, and tender.

Multani Mitti removes pimples (Multani Mitti for pimples), glow in the face (Multani Mitti for glowing skin), lightens dark spots (Multani Mitti for pimples spot) and help reduce wrinkles (Multani Mitti for wrinkles). Multani Mitti is very good for oily skin. It protects your skin from pimple and acne by controlling the oil of your face. In this way, we can say Multani Mitti eliminates all the problems of your face such as blackheads, dull skin, wrinkles, pimples, and oily skin.

Here I will tell you some 10 reasons which you will know by yourself, why Multani mitti is so beneficial-

Fuller’s Earth(Multani Mitti) Benefits- 

  1. Deep cleanses skin removing dirt, sweat, and impurities. 
  2. It evens out skin tone and brightens the complexion. 
  3. Treats tanning and pigmentation.
  4. Effective in treating sunburn, skin rashes, and infections.
  5. To treat skin swelling and insect bites.
  6. Facilitates blood circulation, leading to radiant, glowing skin 
  7. Get rid of blackheads/whiteheads, blemishes, pimple & acne spots.
  8. Antiseptic properties.
  9. Fights acne and pimples.
  10. Removes excess sebum and oil.

Multani Mitti is very beneficial for your face, in the same way, it is very beneficial for your hair too. If you have any problem with your hair, just use Multani Mitti and you have got rid of all the problems of your hair.

Fuller’s Earth(Multani Mitti) Benefits For Face, skin & hair: How to Use Multani Mitti

Fuller's Earth(Multani Mitti) for face
Fuller’s Earth(Multani Mitti) for face

Multani Mitti removes all the skin related problem, we can use it according to the requirement of our skin. Everyone has their own skin problem, according to which we use Multani Mitti with different ingredients. 

We have mentioned about the use of Multani Mitti with some different material below-

1.Fuller’s Earth(Multani Mitti) For oily skin: 

Fuller's Earth(Multani Mitti) For oily skin
Fuller’s Earth(Multani Mitti) For oily skin

Multani Mitti pack is very useful for oily skin. Take 2 tablespoons of orange peel powder and  2 tablespoons of Multani Mitti, mix it with the help of rosewater. Apply this on your face, let it dry and wash your face. using the pack twice a month will help keep excess oil off your face and acne/pimple breakouts in control.

2.Fuller’s Earth(Multani Mitti) For Dark Circles: 

Fuller's Earth(Multani Mitti) For Dark Circles
Fuller’s Earth(Multani Mitti) For Dark Circles

Multani Mitti is useful for getting rid of dark circles. To get rid of dark circles, take half a potato and grate it. Mix it with lemon juice, one teaspoon fresh cream, and Multani Mitti. Use this paste on your eyes and leave it for 15-20 minutes. Wash off and see a remarkable difference in your dark circles.

3.Fuller’s Earth(Multani Mitti) for pimples:

Fuller's Earth(Multani Mitti) for pimples
Fuller’s Earth(Multani Mitti) for pimples

Take one tablespoon of Multani Mitti powder, one teaspoon of sandalwood powder and make a paste with the help of rose water. Apply this pack on your face After drying the pack, massage the face with light hands. Use it daily for a week.

4.Fuller’s Earth(Multani Mitti) for dark spots: 

Fuller's Earth(Multani Mitti) for dark spots
Fuller’s Earth(Multani Mitti) for dark spots

Take two teaspoons Multani Mitti, one tablespoon ground ripe papaya, one teaspoon olive oil. Mix them all together and make a paste. Apply it on your face. Wash your face after drying. Apply this pack two to three times a week.

5.Fuller’s Earth(Multani Mitti) for blackheads and whiteheads: 

Fuller's Earth(Multani Mitti) for blackheads and whiteheads
Fuller’s Earth(Multani Mitti) for blackheads and whiteheads

Take 2 tablespoons Multani Mitti powder, half teaspoon semolina(soojee), and rose water. Mix these ingredients and make a paste. Apply it on your face and with the help of your fingertips massage where blackheads and whiteheads come out. After doing 5 minutes of massage, keep it on the face till it gets dry. And then wash the face.

6.Fuller’s Earth(Multani Mitti) for Glowing skin:

Fuller's Earth(Multani Mitti) for Glowing skin
Fuller’s Earth(Multani Mitti) for Glowing skin

Take two teaspoons Multani Mitti, half tablespoon gram flour, four tablespoon tomato juice, and rose water. Mix all these ingredients and make a paste. Apply it on your face and leave it drying. After drying wash your face with water. Apply it three to four times a week.

7.Fuller’s Earth(Multani Mitti) for Suntan: 

Fuller's Earth(Multani Mitti) for Suntan
Fuller’s Earth(Multani Mitti) for Suntan

Take one teaspoon Multani Mitti, One tablespoon of coconut water (the amount of material you can take as per your requirement), and one teaspoon sugar. Mix it and make a paste. Apply it on your face and leave it for dry and then wash your face with lukewarm water. Apply it twice a week for good results.

8.Fuller’s Earth(Multani Mitti) for Hair

Fuller's Earth(Multani Mitti) for Hair
Fuller’s Earth(Multani Mitti) for Hair

You can use Multani Mitti for shiny, healthy hair. Take three big spoons of Multani clay and mix it with an egg. Now add one tablespoon of amla juice, one tablespoon lemon juice, mix it well. Apply it on your hair, leave it for 15 – 20 minutes and then wash your hair with the help of shampoo. Use it once a week.

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