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#FriendlyReminder : Try Zooming Out!

By Salsabilla Kiranasafira – February 06, 2019

Have you ever felt that your achievements have decreased? No matter what field. It can be education, hobbies, passion, work, everything. So what do you usually do?

Sometimes we are too focused on one side, forgetting the other side. Anyway, that’s the only thing that you pay attention to, if it suddenly becomes problematic, you’ll be sad yourself. Have you ever tried to enlarge the frame, enlarge the perspective. Look at yourself and around. Look at the other side, not the side that finally makes you feel ‘down’. What happened on the other side? Are there any achievements that need to be appreciated? What opportunities have you got?

Sometimes we forget to see things in their entirety. Sometimes we forget to zoom out our view. Just because one thing makes you sad, so forget to appreciate other things. Usually when you’re sad, it’s hard to be grateful. Even though if you want to broaden your view, there are so many things that you can be grateful for. Grateful for all that we have.

For example, you apply for a job at company A and company B. Company A is much better, the interview is in English, everyone is required to work smart. Meanwhile, for company B, the interview is in Indonesian, and the employees are ordinary. You’ve done your best to get accepted at company A. You’ve taken language lessons, learned responsibility, learned how to deal with clients, etc. But it turned out to be accepted in company B. It must have been sad at first, right? I was expecting to be accepted at company A because they had done their best, but instead they were accepted at company B. Then they felt insecure because they weren’t accepted. It feels like his efforts are in vain. Even though you realize that if your business is only for company B, you will not take language lessons and eventually can speak English well, can’t understand how to work smart, etc. But you only focus on one thing, failure.

Not everything we think is good, turns out to be good for us. Not all bad things that happen to us are just useless problems. It’s possible that the way that is prepared is like that, so that we can become stronger, so that we can gain a lot of experience, so that we can understand things better.

Lastly, there is no reason not to be grateful. If it’s hard to be grateful because you feel sad about one thing, try zooming out. Look at what you’ve got, don’t forget to be grateful after that!


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