May 26, 2022 8:33 am

#FriendlyReminder : Grateful

His name is life, there must be joy and sadness. Yes, there are always both. You can’t just feel happy or sad. And we can’t control that. In fact, happy and sad sometimes come without permission. Which in the end makes us unprepared. Including not ready to let go of the feelings that come without permission, when suddenly they just go away.

Don’t you realize it,not-readyThat’s the reason why the presence of other people around us is important. When we are not ready to face what suddenly happens. One of the simplest ways that can be done, yes share. Sharing happiness, sadness, fear, everything.
Lately, a lot of unexpected things have suddenly come up. Yes, automatically I’m not ready to face it all. But life never stops teaching us new things. In the midst of this unpreparedness, I realized that there were many things I had missed for me to be grateful for. Starting from people who are there and are willing to be bothered to creativity taking opportunities in adversity.
After every ‘battle’ with a sudden reality, I always try to appreciate myself. It was previously difficult for me to do. Honestly, sometimes I still find it difficult to appreciate myself. But it turns out a lot of people who encourage me to do it. And again, I’m grateful for that.
Not once have I felt this way. Maybe this is the second time. And finally made me realize, that life always teaches us a lesson in every situation. But it’s not that easy to understand “what does life teach you”. To get lessons at school, take courses on campus, you have to pay tuition or UKT first. Because you fulfill your obligations first, then you get rights. The concept is actually the same. If you want to understand “what life teaches us”, then we have to ‘pay’ first. What do you pay for? Wear give thanks.
If you are not grateful for every feeling, every situation that happens in life, how can you learn from it?
For those of you who feel like there are problems or experiencing difficulties, don’t be afraid to confront them. You will have experience, which may not be shared by everyone. And later you will feel there is something valuable. But remember, the condition is gratitude. If it’s okay? Try zooming out, look for things you missed to be grateful for. Don’t forget that you can share it with the people you want.
So how are you, are you grateful today?


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