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Ella Eye & Lip Cream Review

By Salsabilla Kiranasafira – November 08, 2020

ella eye cream review

As a final semester student who is working on a thesis while still writing blogs and creating content, of course, sometimes I don’t have enough rest time. As a result, my eye bags have darkened. I’ve tried many eye creams, but the results are more moisturizing and don’t make the eyes puffy. I really need a product that can lighten my eye bags area. Finally, I tried a product from Ella Skincare, namely Eye & Lip Cream.

In my opinion, Ella Eye & Lip Cream is a product that claims to be different from the others. This product really focuses on brightening the dark circle and dark lips area. Then usually eye cream is only for the eyes, but this product can also be used for the lips. Very multifunctional right?

ella eye cream review

The packaging of this product is a tube, the size is mini, the contents are 10 grams. When I first opened this product, it turned out that it had the seal on it! I really like skincare products that have a seal, because it indicates that the product is still new and guaranteed to be hygienic.

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ella eye cream review

This product contains Glycyrrhiza Glabra Root Extract or commonly known as Licorice. This content is a whitening active that can make the skin brighter. In addition, there is also Tocopheryl Acetate or Vitamin E which contains antioxidants. These antioxidants can protect the skin from free radicals and prevent the appearance of signs of premature aging. Well, the skin of the eyes and lips is thin, so it must be cared for so that signs of premature aging do not appear. It’s not enough, this product also contains Hyaluronic Acid which is effective for moisturizing the skin!

This Ella Eye & Lip Cream also has BPOM and has an MUI halal certificate. So very safe! Btw, this is the topic of my thesis, guys. So every time I see the halal logo on the product I’m reviewing, I automatically remember the thesis. Hehe mon, I’m sorry I even talked about it~

ella eye cream review

Let’s move on to the texture. As for the texture, it’s actually creamy but very light and feels like a gel. And when you flatten it, it’s like it’s melting, but it’s still colored. So I think it’s a watery cream. Honestly, the texture is really good, light, and really feels moist. As for the scent, I don’t think there’s a scent that bothers me. Maybe this smells purely from the ingredients, because I didn’t see any perfume on the ingredients list.

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After two weeks of routinely using this product morning and night (of course some skip 1-2 days in the morning/night hehe), this is the result in my dark eye bags.

ella eye cream review

If you look at it, my dark circle area does look a little brighter. It’s like it looks so fresh. I also feel that, now I’m confident about not using concealer, hihi. Even though the results are a little visible, it doesn’t mean you can stop using it, guys. What is clear is that you still have to use it regularly, so that it will be even brighter!

Personally, I really like the texture and it’s not greasy when you put it on in the morning and put it on with makeup. So I’m going to use this for a month and I’ll update the results on my IG story later! I’m really confused because of this product if I use it for a month. Two weeks is okay, right? For those who are curious about the product, you can check it Instagram Ella Skincare! The products are very attractive and affordable ❤


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