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Easy Way To Apply Foundation


How to Apply Perfect Foundation On Oily Skin

If we talk about makeup, makeup is incomplete without foundation. Foundation makes our face flawless and glowing. Apply foundation correctly. If not applied correctly, it will give you cakey and patchy skin.

So, along with choosing the right foundation, you must also know how to apply the foundation properly.

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But sometimes the skin looks oily and oily after a few hours of applying foundation! That’s why girls with oily skin are afraid of using foundation. Because heat, sweat and oil melt the foundation.

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So keeping this fear in mind, here we will talk about how to apply the perfect foundation on oily skin. A few tips and tricks on how to get a flawless foundation for oily skin that lasts all day while keeping your moisture in.

How to Apply Perfect Foundation On Oily Skin

How to Apply Perfect Foundation On Oily Skin

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Below, I will give you an easy way to apply foundation. Especially for oily skinned girls. Let’s have a look at it.

  1. Apply Toner
  2. Use A Light Moisturiser
  3. Apply Primer
  4. Apply Foundation
  5. Apply Finishing Powder

Step 1: Apply Toner

Enlarged and open pores are the biggest problems of oily skin. Hence, after using a face wash. Applying a toner becomes a must. Toner balances the PH level of your skin and stops your skin from getting greasy. Just spray it on your face. Use alcohol-free toner. It will quickly tighten the pores. After applying the toner, wait for a few minutes to proceed to the next step.

Step 2: Use a Light Moisturizer

Many girls are under the misconception that oily skin doesn’t need to be moisturized. If you don’t use a moisturiser, your skin produces more sebum and will look more oily. That’s why using a lightweight moisturiser becomes very important. No matter what your skin type is?

After waiting for 5 minutes follow the next step.

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Step 3: Apply Primer

It’s important to apply primer on oily skin. Primer acts as a barrier. Between your skin and the foundation. By applying a primer, the natural oils of your skin don’t reach the foundation. 

It prevents breakage of your foundation and prevents foundation from getting into the pores of your skin by applying a primer. It also prevents clogging of pores. That’s why a primer is very important for oily skin. It also helps your makeup last longer. 

Step 4: Apply Foundation: 

Now your skin is ready to apply foundation. For oily skin, use a foundation that is lightweight and mattifying. With the help of your finger, apply the foundation in a dotted manner all over the face and neck. To blend it all over your face, pat with the help of a beauty sponge and blend it properly.

Tips: You can also add a little moisturizer to the foundation for better results.

Now you know how to apply foundation on oily skin. After applying foundation, apply concealer to hide the dark spots on the face and the dark circles under the eyes. Apply it with the help of a brush or finger. Always choose a liquid-based concealer for oily skin. Secure your makeup by applying finishing powder with a sponge.

Special Tips: Before applying makeup, rub an ice cube all over the face and neck area. It reduces the appearance of your open pores and tightens your skin. Rubbing an ice cube shrinks oil-producing pores and reduces excessive oiliness, making your makeup last longer.

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