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Easy Bad Breath Solution home Remedies

Bad breath, also known as halitosis. If you have a bad odour from your mouth then it is embarrassing. You wear expensive and good clothes and make-up is perfect, but the bad breath ruins your good image in minutes. In such a situation, Anyone would not like to sit with you or talk with you. You may have to face embarrassment. There are many ways to solve this problem, but before you start treatment, you should know the cause of bad breath. Due to Some foods can cause, but it also indicates a serious illness.

Bad Breath Solution Home Remedies – Causes

Bad Breath Solution home Remedies
Bad Breath Solution Home Remedies


1. Poor oral hygiene:

Poor oral hygiene
Poor oral hygiene 

Poor dental hygiene can be the biggest reason behind your bad breath. Halitosis is often the first sign of poor oral hygiene, which can eventually cause further periodic problems.

2. Tobacco products: 

Tobacco products
Tobacco products

The smoker also causes halitosis due to smoking. Smokers and tobacco users are also likely to have bad breath.

3. Dry Mouth: 

Dry mouth
Dry Mouth

Saliva helps a lot in cleaning your mouth, saliva removes particles which cause bad breath. Dry mouth can cause bad breath because the production of saliva decreases at that time.

4. Medicine: 


One of the main causes of bad breath is medicines. Some medicines make our mouth very dry. Dry mouth can cause bad breath. Therefore, people who take excessive medicine increases the chances of bad breath.

5. Excessive Outdoor Exercise: 

Excessive Outdoor Exercise
Excessive Outdoor Exercise

A breath of fresh air is definitely very good for you,  cold breaths of air in winter come out of your mouth, and in the warmer months, pollen and pollution can be wreak havoc. The result may be bad breath related to allergic or chronic dry mouth.

6. Food: 

Food Causes of bad breath

Garlic, onions, coffee are many foods that are also may cause of bad breath. 

Bad Breath Solution Home Remedies 

Bad Breath Solution
Bad Breath Solution Home Remedies

It is necessary to maintain good oral health to control bad breath. It is important to regularly brush the tooth and clean the tongue. It is also necessary to drink enough water to keep the breath fresh. After eating the food, move the water around your mouth for a few seconds. This will loosen the food particles trapped between your teeth and clean your mouth.

you can also treat bad breath with the help of some available ingredients from your kitchen.

1. Cinnamon To Treat Bad Breath: Cinnamon is the best choice to get rid of bad breath. Cinnamon contains aldehyde, which is an essential oil to avoid bad breath. It reduces bacterial levels in the mouth.


How to Use: Boil by adding some quantity of cinnamon powder in one cup of water. It can be used to tone and rinse the mouth. It will help to refresh the mouth and treat bad breath.

2. Cloves: Antibacterial properties are present in cloves, which help in preventing bad breath. 

Cloves to treat bad breath

How to Use: The best way to use cloves is to take some pieces of cloves in the mouth and chew it properly. This will definitely help eliminate the bad breath. You can also make clove tea to get rid of breath odour. Boil some cloves in one cup of water and this tea is the best method to remove the bad breath.

3. Basil leaves: Basil leaves is a mine of properties. It has been used as a medicine since ancient times. 

Basil leaves
Basil leaves

How to Use: Chewing on its leaves every day, it gets rid off bad breath. You can chew basil leaves twice or thrice every day.

4. Fennel: Fennel is a great mouth freshener and also control bad breath. It contains antimicrobial properties that fight bacteria present in the mouth.

Fennel to treat bad breath

To refresh your breath and to stimulate the production of saliva, chew fennel slowly. You can also drink fennel tea.

5. Lemon: Lemon contains acidic properties. It helps to control bacteria from being formed in your mouth.

Lemon And Ginger treat to bad breath
Lemon And Ginger

How to Use: Take some amount of ginger and lemon juice in hot water and use that water every day. To achieve better results, this solution should be used daily.

This will help to remove bacteria from the mouth and thus avoid bad breath.

6. Salt: Salt is the best ingredient in the removal of the toxin. It contains natural antibacterial properties that fight bacteria of the mouth and eliminate bad breath.

Salt to treat bad breath

How to Use: Take 1 tablespoon of salt and mix salt in lukewarm water and gargle with it.
Initially do this every day. After a few days, do this every alternate day.

7. Guava: Guava contains vitamin C, tannic acid, malic acid, and oxalate. Guava is the best remedy for bleeding and diseased gums, bad breath, and sensitive teeth.

Guava to treat bad breath

How to Use: Chew guava fruit to improve your overall oral health

Eat this fruit anytime in the day. For taste, sprinkle some salt and black pepper powder on it.

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