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#CeritaKampus : Exam – bella ‘s

Hellooo, #CeritaKampus is back again and this time I want to tell you about the exams at the UGM DPP/Government Science. So a few weeks ago, I just finished UTS. While the vibes are still pretty strong (no, really), so today I want to tell you about U J I A N !

During my studies until now (semester 4), I think the DPP exams are actually divided into several forms, there are written/seat-in exams, take-home exams, oral exams, and fieldwork. The written exam is an ordinary exam, coming to class, being absent, doing questions, collecting, going home. Takehome exams usually take questions in class when the exam schedule is absent, then they are done at home and there is a deadline for collection. The oral exam is like an interview with a lecturer, wow. The lecturer asks what, we answer verbally. Well, if the fieldwork has various outputs, what is clear is that we are told to do research, the method of analysis that can be used is to go directly to the field or analyze data like that. I’ll tell you my experience one by one

Written Exam/Seat-in

Actually, this type of exam is the same as other exams. Oooooh but usually the written exam can be open book, it can also be closed book. It’s like I’ll tell you, just open the book, okay? If you close the book, it’s the same as the high school exam. Well, if it’s an open book, it’s a different story.

Usually the exam can be open book if the answer is not in the book. WKWKWKWK. So what’s the point? There are not any. No, it’s not like that. So usually, if an open book is a model, it’s a case study that we have to think about for a long time, linking it to the theory first, then we can answer. Well, it’s usually hard for open book written exam questions to make yourself smile when you take the exam 🙂

Then, yes, there was an open book exam, I brought a thick book, so the theory is, but in the end I don’t know what to write because….. I’m lazy to read it, it’s hard to find it 🙁 It’s a bit useless, it weighs on the bag and tightens the shoulders. This body is like this, mini mini me.

Take Home Exam

Naaah, this exam is my favorite. The lecturer’s favorite, I don’t know if the students are happy or not. Actually, it feels mixed if there is a matkul whose exam is takehome. I’m happy because I don’t have to work on campus, I can go back to my hometown for those who are wandering, don’t need to study the day before, don’t have to write by hand (which makes my hands ‘injured’, big bumps on the ring finger, sob). But it’s also sad because (still) having to read appropriate literature to make references, because without references, our paper is 0 big 🙁 Then sometimes the takehome exam is not only 1 matkul, then the deadline is tight. Are you confused? 🙁

Oral examination

Exams are really avoided by students 🙂 Yes, how can you not avoid them, oral exams are really lucky. If it turns out that the lecturer wants to ask you a, while you’ve read bz but didn’t read a, that’s fine. So we really don’t know what to say when we enter the exam room, hey. I was in a group with Reza, then I was really nervous because just imagine the oral exam with my girlfriend alone, if you can’t answer, how can you imagine it? 🙁 Then I got a question that I’m not sure about at all with the answer. Just answer what’s there Until now, I don’t really know if my answer was correct or not 🙂 Why is that, because after we answered the lecturer’s reaction was not “yes right” or “wrong”, but “sure?” “Are you sure that’s the answer?” so. FUCK YES 🙁


Well, this type of exam is actually fun, but it’s also a bit complicated. But usually if the fieldwork is done in groups. I have tested several times with fieldwork. The one with the most stories, it’s clear, of course, is Community Government. So in this course, we have to do fieldwork in one of the villages in Bantul for 1 week. We are divided into several hamlets and we live in people’s houses. Then for a week, we were told to observe the object of our research and at the end we would make a presentation in front of the lecturers, friends + villagers. It’s a bit like PR does have to make a presentation in front of the people, I’m afraid I’ll say the wrong thing, right? Hahaha.



So this can be called a mini seminar. Usually we start with fieldwork and then we explain the results in the Colloquium, along with other details (eg suggestions for improvements, etc.). This is a very very draining one because I’m tired of preparing colloquiums. Actually, I’m new to the colloquium because some courses don’t go to colloquium, even the exams are really made easier because the lecturers are busy. Thank God the student’s luck is patient.

So the colloquium at that time, the preparation at my house was really late. Even though in the morning I have to go to campus very early in the morning and then have to get ready for a presentation and be asked a lot of questions by the lecturer. Where colloquium is really time consuming. If it doesn’t matter, it’s from morning until iftar, yes it’s fasting. Isn’t that cool.

So, which is my favorite type of exam?

There are not any. Really, there’s no favorite. But it’s better to take home or a written test. At least it’s not as complicated as other types of exams. But I’m also annoyed when it turns out that all the courses in that semester have the same type of exam. Tired sis, mas, sir, boo 🙁

So far, the most frequent takehome exams are with fieldwork. So if it’s exam weeks, Bella will definitely be cello and ready to hang out/cafe to do exams! :)))))

That’s all for now #CeritaKampus, wait for the next episode, WKWK :p


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