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#CeritaKampus: Done Theory! – bella ‘s

By Salsabilla Kiranasafira – June 01, 2020

It’s been a long time since I wrote a #CeritaKampus on this blog. The last time was almost a year ago when I reported it #CeritaKampus : Semester 4. Last semester (5th semester) I didn’t post anything because it seems that I really enjoy making content beauty hihi. Now, this time I want to tell a story because I have finally managed to finish 6 semesters, which means just KKN and then the thesis (InshaAllah, hehe)!

Honestly, it’s quite a drama, the final semester of this theory because I suddenly have to go to college from home. I feel like college from home this is very heavy. Usually they are given readings, told to read and then discussed in class. Well, usually if that’s the case, many don’t read the reading material. So it’s really just catching material from the results of the discussion. But if class on line like it or not, you have to read it. I don’t know why it’s so heavy. Moreover, it feels like ‘struggling’ alone with no friends to discuss directly. And the situation also sometimes makes me not enthusiastic to study.

During college on line In this case, my lecturers prefer the method via Whatsapp Group. So the discussion is via chat. The lecturer gives an introduction to the discussion, then the students will give their opinion. Well, this method makes me really lazy. Even though I like the topic of discussion, sometimes I feel lazy to follow the flow of discussion in the group. The impression is that it is a place to seek attention and value from lecturers.

There is also a method that gives assignments-gathering-love reading-presentations-gathering essays as well. It’s really rich, there’s no interaction between lecturers and students, huft. Well, this method actually has its pluses and minuses in my opinion. Actually, I like it because I feel more free to express my opinion through writing/assignments that must be collected. But I don’t like it because each student’s understanding is different. If you’re on the phone with a friend for a discussion, you’ll be confused yourself.

But Alhamdulillah, this semester is finally over! With the completion of this 6th semester, it means (InshaAllah) my theory course is also finished! After this, there will be KKN (online too) and Thesis!

Talking about KKN, it’s really drama :)) At first, I was really confused and didn’t really want to do KKN. I don’t want to be away that long, especially with new friends. Finally got a team that turned out to be really cool. Makes me laugh out loud. Then there was a location drama, uh finally got a location in West Java but the KKN was online. It’s okay. It’s just sad that we won’t be able to spend 50 days together, but it’s okay, we can still google meet all the time hihi.

Btw lately, two lecturers are really excited because they like to talk about me, who likes to review skincare. The first is my KKN supervisor. He once answered my friend when he was looking for me in the group. He replied “Bella is doing skincare” if I’m not mistaken :)) Then another lecturer in one of the courses said “continue with the skincare review, okay?” in the email when I took the final exam. The original gemes because you know :)))

It’s like that’s the story for this time. Do you really like story content like this? Or better post that beauty related keep it up? Anyway, thanks for reading to the endā¤


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