Ina Garten

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easy weeknight meal, fish, Ina Garten

Mustard-Roasted Fish

We all love fish but I’m not great at changing up how we eat it. We have two family favorites – homemade fish sticks and tilapia francese. I buy a club pack of frozen tilapia filets and those are the two dishes I make over and over again. Then Ina’s recipe for Mustard-Roasted Fish came […]

easy weeknight meal, Ina Garten, pasta

Penne with Five Cheeses

Another Sunday dinner prepared by SP. As I’ve mentioned before, he’s loving Ina Garten right now. Her Penne with Five Cheeses sounded not only easy, but delicious. I’ve never seen a cream sauce like this before – you don’t cook it ahead of time, just add the cooked pasta to the sauce and cheese and […]

chicken, Ina Garten

Indonesian Ginger Chicken

I’ve mentioned before that SP has taken over cooking Sunday dinner. He’s been on an Ina Garten kick lately and was very excited to make her Indonesian Ginger Chicken. This was some seriously awesome chicken. Incredibly flavorful from the marinade and really easy to cook. He used two cut-up chickens from the grocery store and […]

chicken, Ina Garten

Oven Fried Chicken

You may remember our friends C & T from Mexican night, Italian night and our previous try at Southern night. Unfortunately, the last Southern night was a disaster. Undercooked fried chicken, way too salty collard greens and disappointing cornbread. We didn’t eat until almost 9pm because of the darn chicken. We knew we had to […]

chicken, Ina Garten, stew

Chicken Stew with Biscuits

It’s official – SP is now in charge of Sunday dinner at my parent’s house. Weekends are really the only chance he has to cook since he’s got such a long commute, so it’s a win-win. As much as I love cooking, it’s nice to get a break every once in awhile. He’s been on […]