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Buy Top 4 Natural Herbal Holi Gulaal ~ Only Organic Gulaal

Buy Top 4 Natural Herbal Holi Gulaal ~ Only Organic Gulaal. These Holi Gulal are budget-friendly and 100% Natural & Herbal.

Buy Top 9 Natural Herbal Holi Gulal,  Only Organic Gulal

Holi of 2022 is near. Holi is a festival of colours, enthusiasm and brotherhood, which we play with full of fun with family and friends.

But Gulal found in the market contains some such chemicals which can also harm your skin and hair. 

Chemical-rich Gulal can cause many skin problems like acne, dry skin and skin allergies.
So always choose organic and skin-friendly Gulal only and enjoy Holi without any fear. 

In this article, We will give the Top 4 Natural Herbal Holi Gulaal. Buy these Organic Gulaal and enjoy this Holi. 

Why did we choose only Organic and Herbal Gulaal?

These Gulaal or colours are HandMade with Leaves, Fruits & Flowers. The best part of these Gulal does not contain any chemicals or toxic substances, due to which they are completely safe even for children. 

Let the Holi Raas begin! 🌈

Top 4 Natural Herbal Holi Gulaal

1. Marigold Chhalak Gulaal Raas 

marigold chhalak gulaal raas, Herbal Holi Gulaal


Ingredients: Marigold Flowers, Corn Starch.

2. Neem Mauj Gulaal Raas

Neem Mauj Gulaal Raas, 4 natural herbal holi gulaal

Ingredients: Neem Leaves, Indigo Leaves, Senna Leaves, Corn Starch.

3. Gulaab-e-Preet Gulaal Raas

Gulaab-e-Preet Gulaal Raas

Ingredients: Rose Petals, Beetroot, Hibiscus Flowers, Corn Starch

4. Turmeric Choor Gulaal Raas

turmeric choor gulaal Raas, Herbal Holi Gulal


5. Rang Bahaar Gulaal Combo

Rang Bahaar Gulaal Combo

How to Play: Use these Gulaal as dry Gulaal powder on the face, body and hair or mix it with water to create a blast of watercolours. 

Enjoy the spirit of colours. Happy Holi! 💕

Note: If you feel any allergy, stop playing with Gulal or any colour.

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