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Bioxsine Pure & White Face Wash review

By Salsabilla Kiranasafira – September 30, 2021

Who has dull skin problems and is lazy to use other skincare besides basic skincare. Don’t worry, now there are many products basic skincare with claims brightening. One product basic skincare with claims brightening what i tried was Bioxsine Pure & White Face Wash.

About Bioxsine

Bioxsine is a brand from Turkey who just entered Indonesia last July. Actually, Bioxsine is famous for its products hair care anti-fall. But they also have skincare products, one of which is Bioxsine Pure & White Face Wash.

There are three Bioxsine products that enter Indonesia, namely:

  • Bioxsine Pure & White Face Wash
  • Bioxsine Pure & White Face Cream
  • Bioxsine Pure & White Body Lotion

Bioxsine Pure & White claims to be brightening yes. This time I want to share review Complete Bioxsine Pure & White Face Wash!

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Packaging Bioxsine Pure & White Face Wash

Bioxsine Pure & White Face Wash is packed in bottle with pump and the contents are quite a lot, 200 ml. The bottle is white in color and has a sticker attached to the front and back. The sticker itself is gray and red. Well, the sticker reflects a bit of light, so it’s hard to take a photo huhu.

Ingredients Bioxsine Pure & White Face Wash

The main ingredients of this Bioxsine Pure & White Face Wash are

  • Alpha Arbutin – as brightening agent
  • Niacinamide – as brightening agent and can strengthen skin barrier
  • Ascorbic Acid – can overcome hyperpigmentation, increase collagen production and contain antioxidants

From the content, it’s really cute, right? Now, I really like Niacinamide because it not only makes my skin bright but also moisturizes it!

This product too already BPOM Yes, you can check this is the BPOM number NA50191205410. So you don’t have to worry anymore because it’s safe.

Texture & Scents Bioxsine Pure & White Face Wash

This Bioxsine Pure & White Face Wash has a texture gel cream which super smooth. I usually use this product one pump at a time. When it hits the skin, it feels so soft! Oh yeah, he doesn’t foamy Yes, but it does have a little foam.

As for the smell, it smells like medicine. The first time I used it, it might sting a little, but after a while it didn’t. I personally feel that the scent doesn’t bother me too much, except when I first started using it.

My Thoughts About Bioxsine Pure & White Face Wash

First of all I want to say that this the texture is so delicious! It’s not gel but it’s not foamy also, so in between. It’s soft on the skin but doesn’t dry out. My tip, don’t forget to use toner immediately after washing your face so it doesn’t dry out and keeps the pH stable again!

PackagingI also like it because simple and very practical to use pump. Well, the finish is not really a mat but not a moist one either. That’s why the skin might not be dry after washing your face with this Bioxsine Pure & White Face Wash.

After about a week of using Bioxsine Pure & White Face Wash, I feel my skin is not dull. Even though I often go out on a motorbike, it doesn’t look dull at all. If it’s for brightening, it’s not visible yet because the claims from Bioxsine Pure & White Face Wash can brighten in 8 weeks.

I think for those of you who need product simple but still can make skin bright, try this Bioxsine Pure & White Face Wash. For those of you who want to know more about Bioxsine products, you can check Instagram Bioxsine. And if you want to try it, you can go directly to Shopee or Tokopedia MAZTASTORE yaa! The price is 299 thousand for 200 ml.


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