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Beby Rose Glow Serum Review

By Salsabilla Kiranasafira – November 04, 2021

Have you heard of the Beby brand yet? So Beby is a local brand whose products are already BPOM, so it’s safe. So what I’ve been trying lately is Beby Rose Glow.

Beby Rose Glow this is Primer Make-up with Skincare, or you could say the primer has benefits skincare! This Beby Rose Glow is perfect for those of you who like to rush makeup, especially in the morning. With just one product, you can already get two benefits namely as a primer and skincare.

Beby Rose Glow

Before I discuss the review, let’s discuss first claim from this Beby Rose Glow first…

  • Instantly Brightens Glowing Skin
  • Smooth Skin
  • Hydrates skin & doesn’t need moisturizer anymore
  • Disguise dark spots & wrinkles
  • Can be used as a make-up base

Packaging Beby Rose Glow

Beby Rose Glow

This Beby Rose Glow is packaged in a bottle airless pump clear. I think the design of the pump is unique because I rarely find it in other skincare products. The content of this product is 20 ml. This Beby Rose Glow too travel-friendly Yes, because the lid is also tight, it doesn’t come off easily and spills.

Ingredients Beby Rose Glow

Beby Rose Glow

After talking about the packaging, I’m super excited I want to talk about the content in this Beby Rose Glow. I think the content of Beby Rose Glow is really pretty. Let’s discuss the main content one by one.

  • Rose Flower Stem Cell – The benefits of stem cells are for anti-aging, including to disguise black spots
  • Peptide – Promotes collagen production to keep skin firm and supple
  • Sodium Hyaluronate – Provides hydration and moisturizes the skin
  • Ascorbyl Tetraisopalmitate – Is a form of vitamin C that functions as an antioxidant and can brighten the skin
  • Polyglutamic Acid – Provides moisture to the skin

This Primer Makeup with Skincare product also does not contain alcohol, fragrance and essential oils. So this is safe for those whose skin is sensitive to these ingredients.

BPOM : NA 18191906067

Texture & Scents Beby Rose Glow

Beby Rose Glow

The texture of this Beby Rose Glow is super unique, I rarely find it in other serum products. Maybe it’s because this product is a Makeup Primer with Skincare, so what’s the texture? Combination of primer and skincare.

The texture of this product is gel but balmy, like proteleum jelly, you know, only the lighter version. Texture Beby Rose Glow this balmy one makes the skin so smooth auto. In addition, there are details glitter also what makes the skin visible auto glowing! This product sets quickly, I’m not saying it absorbs quickly because I feel it sets more than absorbs. Oh yes, the finish of this Beby Rose Glow matte with a glossy touch because of the glitter.

As for the fragrance, this Beby Rose Glow has a nice scent soft, it’s good not to bother at all. But the scent does last a little longer, so after using it, it still smells a bit.

How To Use Beby Rose Glow

This Beby Rose Glow is only used in the morning, so before applying makeup. Now, if it’s my style, pour 2-3 pumps of Beby Rose Glow onto the palms of your hands and then apply the dots to your cheeks, forehead, chin and nose. If so, just fix it. Oh yeah, after using this Beby Rose Glow No need to layer with moisturizer again, but still wear sunscreen!

My Thoughts about Beby Rose Glow

This Beby Rose Glow in my opinion it’s really good to use if you’re in a hurry So combine Primer Makeup with Skincare. Though finishit’s really the primary style matte and smooth, but she is also pregnant Sodium Hyaluronate and Peptide which can hydrate the skin and make skin supple.

Beby Rose Glow

When used, he makes the pores are a little more blurry so make-up is smoother and flawless. I tried to use this Beby Rose Glow on my right face and the left without Beby Rose Glow. It looks like the part before using the cushion on the right side of the face, the pores are more faint. Now when I put on makeup, I feel that on the right side of my face (the one using Beby Rose Glow) the cushion is easier to stick.

When it comes to primers that cover up pores, surely many are curious does this make comedones or not? Ok, I’ve used this product and my blackheads are still safe, it doesn’t add up. The thing to remember is to use this Beby Rose Glow ONLY in the morning, Don’t forget to double cleanse every day and exfoliate your skin twice a week if needed.

Well now it’s time we try to see if claimaccording to the benefits that I feel when using this Beby Rose Glow.

  • Instantly Brightens Glowing Skin – yes! These glitter granules really make the skin auto glowing and look brighter
  • Smooth Skin – absolutely, yes! The finish is matte and super smooth
  • Hydrates skin & doesn’t need moisturizer anymore – The content of sodium hyaluronate and peptides is enough to hydrate and moisturize. Its balmy texture also locks in moisture on the skin.
  • Disguise dark spots & wrinkles – for this claim, it has not been seen because it really takes longer to see the results
  • Can be used as a make-up base – Definitely! Because this is a makeup primer with skincare, this product can definitely be used as a base for makeup, aka a primer!

For those who want to try Beby Rose Glow here, you can go directly to the website make shopping! This Beby Rose Glow costs Rp. 129,900.00. Eits, for those who want to get 15% discount, you can use code BEBYBLOG yes! This voucher is valid until December 2021. Apart from the website, you can get this Beby Rose Glow at Tokopedia and Shopee as well. You can visit Beby’s Instagram for more info about the product and the purchase link!

How? Are you interested in trying it?


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