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#Beautymorphosis with Elsheskin Acne Night Treatment

By Salsabilla Kiranasafira – November 21, 2020

elsheskin acne night treatment

I often get asked what is it like and what is it like? beauty blogger? Hmm, what I like about it is that I can try a lot of products sometimes given for free for us to try. But the sad thing is that sometimes there are products that don’t suit me or I have to trial and error to match the product. A sign that I don’t like a product is small pimples that appear on my face.

When I’m spotty because it doesn’t match one product, I still have to try the product in another way or try another product that’s already on the queue list for review. So I try my best to treat my acne quickly and with products that are sure to work. Oh yeah, let me explain again, if my pimples are small, sometimes they have eyes, sometimes they don’t. The product I use to treat my acne is usually Elsheskin Acne Night Treatment.

elsheskin acne night treatment

I have this #Beautymorphosis story with Elsheskin Acne Night Treatment. Anyway, as soon as I saw a pimple appearing on my face, I immediately used this product. Usually 1-3 days the pimple will deflate and disappear. Well because this is my go-to product for acne so this product must always be there stock It’s on my skincare rack. Are you curious about the review?

First of all, I want to give you some information about this product. Elsheskin Acne Night Treatment is a spot treatment or acne medication that can be used at night. The claim is to treat acne prone skin, reduce excess oil, and help prevent acne.

elsheskin acne night treatment

This product is packaged with tube white and contains 15 grams. Oh yes, some Elsheskin products have the same packaging as this product. If you have Elsheskin products with the same packaging, don’t forget to carefully read the product name before using it.

Mouth tube This is small so that the product that comes out is also small. In accordance with its use as spot treatment, so I don’t use too many products.

elsheskin acne night treatment

This product contains Lactic Acid which is a type of AHA and also Salicylic Acid which is a type of BHA. In addition, this product also contains sulfur which can treat acne. Oh yes, this product contains alcohol, friends. But you don’t have to worry because all Elsheskin products are already BPOM and Halal certified!

elsheskin acne night treatment

The texture of this Elsheskin Acne Night Treatment is a thick cream. I usually only use a small amount for one pimple. I think the texture is perfect for making spot treatments.

I’ve been using this product for a long time and it’s still one of my favourites. Some time ago I had pimples on my chin, and I used this Elsheskin Acne Night Treatment.

how to treat acne

You can see for yourself the progress is really good, right? What was initially acne, textured too so it can be clean again. For eye acne it takes between 2-3 days to subside. Oh yeah, don’t forget to keep using your skincare routine even if you have acne, at least basic skincare. Now, after the acne is gone, you can get rid of the acne scars with Elsheskin Brightening Series!

That’s my #Beautymorphosis story with Elsheskin Acne Night Treatment. Do you guys have any #Beautymorphosis stories with your favorite products? Please share~

Oh yes, you can buy this product at a price of 92,000 rupiah at elsheskin website or via official whatsapp elsheskin. Don’t forget to use the code “SQUADBELLA” to get 10% off hihi.


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