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Bakuchiol True To Skin Serum Suitable For Beginners

Bakuchiol is one ingredients interesting in 2020-2021. A lot of brand which produces products containing bakuchiol. It’s not surprising, because this content is relatively ‘safe’ compared to retinol. The benefits are not much different, so it’s only natural that ingredients This is a lot of glances and on my skin the results are also proven to be good.

My first Bakuchiol product was Bakuchiol True To Skin Serum. For those who don’t know, True To Skin is local brand new which is still a company with Tropical Studio. Their first product is a serum with three variants, namely Hyaluronic Acid, Niacinamide, and Bakuchiol.

bakchiol true to skin

This Bakuchiol serum has a claim that if you look at it, it is almost the same as the content of retinol. In general, this Bakuchiol serum has an anti-aging function. Starting from dark spot, fine lines, until wrinkle.

bakchiol true to skin

By packaging, this Bakuchiol True To Skin serum is really awesome! The combination of pastel colors makes it even more adorable and makes me even more interested in bringing this serum home haha. This product also comes with a lilac colored cardboard. On the box is written complete information about the product. Starting from ingredients, PAO, until how to use.

The product packaging is a clear bottle with a pipette applicator. I don’t know if this bakuchiol can oxidize when exposed to sunlight. If it can oxidize, I think it’s better to use a bottle with a dark color. But so far, clear bottles have not changed my bakuchiol serum product in color, aroma, and texture. So I think it’s safe and there’s no problem.

There is a packaging on the neck of the bottle stopper which makes the pipette not take up most of the product. Then it doesn’t spill easily because when we pull the pipette it gets a bit heavy. If for example there is no stopper maybe if you don’t take the pipette carefully, it can spill right away. The pipette is also okay, it’s not difficult to get the product.

Oh yes, this product contains 20 ml. With a size of 20 ml, the PAO of this product is 12 months. It’s quite long, so you can use it alternately with other serums without fear of ‘crashing’ PAO.

bakchiol true to skin

The main ingredients of this Bakuchiol True To Skin Serum are Bakuchiol, Probiotics, and PHA. Let’s discuss one by one…


Bakuchiol is ingredients alternative to retinol. It is lighter than Retinol, and is definitely safer for sensitive skin. Bakuchiol is actually a naturally derived antioxidant, so it’s safer. In addition to anti-aging, Bakuchiol can soothe the skin and has anti-inflammatory properties.


Besides Bakuchiol, Probiotics are also on the rise in the world beauty. What exactly are probiotics? Probiotics are good bacteria that can reduce inflammation, strengthen skin barrier, and balance the oil levels on the face.

PHA (Polyhydroxy Acid)

PHA is one of the ingredients that can be used for exfoliation. However, PHA has milder properties than AHA and BHA. Because it is exfoliator, then PHA can help to remove dead skin cells and also brighten the skin.

(Information and explanation regarding ingedients obtained from Instagram True To Skin)

bakchiol true to skin

This Bakuchiol True To Skin Serum safe inlayers with content actives another. I had time to layer with Retinol Toner and the results were even better. When I try melayers with Vitamin C also does not cause any negative reactions. Instead, make dark spot fade faster.

For business layering, just adjust it to your respective skin. Try before melayers two activesyou guys have tried it before actives these individually. So it’s safer while ensuring that actives it suits your skin.

bakchiol true to skin

The texture of this Bakuchiol True To Skin Serum is super light. Even though it’s notrunny plain water, but still very light to use for both AM and PM routine. Many people ask about the color of this serum, out of fear oxidize. Well this serum is clear in color but a bit yellowish. But not a cloudy yellow, yes, it still looks clear.

This product absorbs quickly into the skin, without leaving a sticky feeling. For the scent, like jelly sweet but fresh. It smells so good, I like it.

bakchiol true to skin

This Bakuchiol True To Skin Serum helps to get rid of my acne and acne scars. The photo above is before after after 2 to 3 weeks of use. Honestly, I really like the result. Especially if inlayers with retinol, a super solid combo.

I’m honest really like same serum. I will use this product until it runs out, but now I’m stopping to try and review other serums. But I really miss using this Bakuchiol True To Skin Serum again…

bakchiol true to skin

For those of you who are looking for a serum for anti aging but it doesn’t fit or doesn’t dare to try retinol, I recommend this Bakuchiol True To Skin Serum. I think this is suitable for beginners, because the results are slow but sure.

Do you want to try this product too?


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