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Azarine Toner Review, A Million People’s Toner

After some time ago I tried the product Azarine sunscreen, this time I tried the toner product! Toner, in my opinion, is no less important than sunscreen, because its function is to balance the pH of the skin and as a preparation before the next skincare step. This toner is also included as one of the basic skincare products!

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Azarine Toner

Before I tried this Azarine Toner, I had seen my mutual and friends use this product a lot. After all, Azarine’s toner is a million people’s toner! Maybe because he has several variants that can be adapted to each skin type, yes. There are 4 variants of this Azarine toner, namely:

  • Azarine Moisture Rich Hydrating Toner
  • Azarine Multi Acids Glowing Toner
  • Azarine Daily Beginner Exfoliating Toner
  • Azarine Mild Purifying Toner

Packaging Toner Azarine

This Azarine toner contains 90 ml. All variants have the same form of packaging and contents, the difference between the four is in color. For Moisture Rich Hydrating Toner in pastel blue, Multi Acids Glowing Toner in yellow, Daily Beginner Exfoliating Toner in sky blue and Mild Purifying Toner in army green. Honestly, the colors are really cute, if the products are lined up they look super cute!

Azarine Toner

What’s interesting about the packaging of this Azarine Toner is the shape of the packaging in the form of a pump bottle. So when the outer cap of the toner is opened, there is a pump! Actually, this pump bottle is practical and hygienic because the product will not be contaminated with air and bacteria from outside. But it’s a separate task for me, who often uses toner without cotton.

I think this Azarine toner is easier to use with cotton. Just put the cotton on the top of the pump, press it, then use it. If you want without cotton, you can press the pump and then spill the toner on your hands, and apply as usual.

Ingredients for Azarine Toner

After discussing the packaging, now let’s discuss the ingredients of each Azarine Toner variant! This chapter is a bit long because I want to explain the contents one by one.

Azarine Toner

This Azarine Moisture Rich Hydrating Toner claims to be moisturizing, soothing and protecting. It is moisturizing because it contains Aquaxyl, Hyaluronic Acid, Panthenol and Ice Plant Extract. Soothing because it contains Panthenol and Protecting because it contains Synchrolife.

  • 1% Aquaxyl – hydrates the skin
  • 0.2% Panthenol – Moisturizes the skin & strengthens the skin barrier
  • 1% Synchrolife – protects skin from blue light
  • 2% Hyaluronic Acid – hydrates the skin
  • Ice Plant Extract – binds water and antioxidants

Azarine Multi Acids Glowing Toner has a claim of anti aging, brightening and moisturizing. Anti Aging because it contains Ferulic Acid, Brightening because it contains Vitamin C, Tranexamic Acid and Mandelic Acid, Moisturizing because it contains Aloe Vera.

  • 0.5% Vitamin C (Ascorbic Acid) – brightens and stimulates collagen production
  • 0.5% Ferulic Acid – Contains high antioxidants for anti aging and brightens the skin
  • 0.5% Tranexamic Acid – brightens and evens out skin tone
  • 0.5% Mandelic Acid – exfoliate the skin

Azarine Daily Beginner Exfoliating Toner has a claim of smoothing, brightening and renewing. Smoothing because it contains keratoline, Brightening because it contains lactic acid and Renew because it contains keratoline, lactic acid, and salicylic acid.

  • 1% Azeclair – control sebum, brighten skin
  • 0.5% Keratoline – Enzymatic peeling, exfoliates naturally and gently
  • 1% Lactic Acid – Brightens, evens out skin tone, safe for sensitive skin
  • 0.5% Salicylic Acid – exfoliates blackheads, able to penetrate the oil layer

Azarine Mild Purifying Toner has claims of oil control, pore care and acne care. Oil control because it contains hyaluronic acid, pore care and acne care because it contains succinic acid, bakuchiol and cica.

  • 0.5% Succinic Acid – treat acne
  • 0.2% Bakuchiol – Natural ingredients to treat acne and anti-aging
  • 1% Centella Asiatica – anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial
  • 0.2% Sodium Hyaluronate – Hydrates the skin so it doesn’t produce too much sebum

Textures & Scents

Azarine Toner

The textures of the four variants of Azarine Toner are similar. In fact, I think Moisture Rich Hydrating Toner, Multi Acids Glowing Toner and Mild Purifying Toner have the same texture. It is runny but has a thick feel that makes it feel moist on the skin. It’s a bit slippery. The Daily Beginner Exfoliating Toner is a bit more liquid than the other three. Everything is light, not sticky and absorbs quickly.

For the aroma, Moisture Rich Hydrating Toner and Multi Acids Glowing Toner have almost the same aroma. Actually, the smell is faint, but if you smell it, it feels like there is an aroma. For Daily Beginner Exfoliating Toner, it has a scent too but I don’t know what it smells like. The smell of the ingredients seems to be rich because all azarine toners are fragrance-free. But don’t worry, you can barely smell it. The Mild Purifying Toner smells a bit herbal, but it’s very faint!

My Thoughts

In my opinion, these four variants of Azarine Toner are super delicious and very comfortable to use. It’s really no wonder that Azarine’s Toner is a Million People’s Toner. I want to discuss my review of the Azarine toner variants one by one.

Azarine Toner

Starting from Moisture Rich Hydrating Toner. This variant is really effective in making the skin moist and supple! Even just using one layer is ok. It has blue light protection too, so no worries because your skin is moisturized and more awake. This is also the safest variant to be layered with other variants. Because he’s not adventurous, he’s really moisturizing to the max.

Azarine Toner

Next, Multi Acids Glowing Toner. Judging from the ingredients, it contains Vitamin C and AHA. Well, but it’s very comfortable, doesn’t make you tingling! It can make the skin glow because it is rich in antioxidants. I like to use this variant in the morning. Really helpful! If used for a long time, it can brighten dull skin and inhibit signs of premature aging. Oh yes, it’s safe to use morning and night.

Azarine Toner

Third, Daily Beginner Exfoliating Toner. As the name implies, it can be used daily and can be used for beginners or exfoliating for the first time. It’s really comfortable to wear, doesn’t sting, doesn’t irritate, but still removes dead skin cells. I love wearing this at night and every day! Usually after using this, I continue to use Moisture Rich Hydrating Toner.

Azarine Toner

Lastly, Mild Purifying Toner. This variant is my favorite for CSM if you have acne or breakouts. It’s really a toner to control sebum and get rid of pimples and blackheads. The texture is super moist too, so it doesn’t dry out the skin around the pimple area.

Of the four Azarine Toners, it is clear that the one that is used the most is the Moisture Rich Hydrating Toner because it is always layered with another variant. For those of you who want to try this Million People Toner, you can check out here yes. The price is very affordable, only 60 thousand~

Have you tried this toner yet? Which one is your favourite?


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