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Aurabright Whitening Serum Review – bella ‘ s

Have you ever seen celebgrams promoting a product, and then you become curious, is it really “that good” like what they say on instastory? My own team is really curious about products, especially skincare that is promoted by celebrities. One of them is Serum Aurabright which often appears in Bia’s instastory aka Zaskia Adya Mecca.

I try to use Aurabright Whitening Serum for about 10 days to prove whether or not this product is really as good as the celebrities say.

I’ll start with the packaging. Aurabright Whitening Serum It is packaged in a blue colored bottle and comes with a dropper applicator. The contents of the product are 15 ml, quite small for the size of a serum. I don’t like the applicator, which sometimes makes the product runny, but I’m not too happy that it’s still tolerable.

Aurabright Whitening Serum

The claim of this product can be brightens and disguises black spots on the skint. This product can be used in the morning and at night, before using a moisturizer.

Ingredients :

aqua, butylene glycol, glycerin, niacinamide, hydrogenated castor oil, galactomayces ferment filtrate, kojic acid, gluconolactone, phenoxythanol, hydroxyethylcelullose, zinc PCA, cetylpyridinium chlodire

This product contains Niacinamide which is really good for brightening the skin and strengthening the skin barrier. Besides that, there are also Galactomyces which can brighten the face and treat acne. One of the contents is Kojic Acid This is practically new to me, and it turns out that its function is also to brighten the skin! Wow, the ingredients are really good, right?

Then this product too BPOM and Halal! It’s really safe.

Aurabright Whitening Serum

For the texture, gel light which if it gets on the skin it becomes watery. This product is also not sticky, so it is very comfortable to wear. It doesn’t take long, this product is perfectly absorbed into the skin. In the same layer serum and other skincare are also okay. As for the aroma, it’s rich in acid but soft, so it doesn’t bother me at all.

Aurabright Whitening Serum

During 10 days I use Aurabright Whitening SerumI find this serum really easy to use because of its watery texture and not sticky. I feel my face is so moisturised after using this serum, but the moisture doesn’t make me greasy. I also noticed that my skin became smoother, the texture improved.

Aurabright Whitening Serum

Aurabright Whitening Serum It can also fade my acne scars. You can see the progress on the first, fourth, sixth, and tenth days. The acne scars on my right cheek are slowly fading.

Overall I think Aurabright Whitening Serum This is really good, according to what the celebrities said. The product is also safe because it is already BPOM and is halal. So you don’t have to be afraid to try this product~

For those who are curious about this product, you can point Aura’s Instagrambright! Are you interested in trying this serum?


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