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April Favorites! – bella ‘s

By Salsabilla Kiranasafira – May 14, 2022

It’s been a long time since I haven’t posted on the blog, I’m sorry. I’ve been having a lot of work lately, so it’s a bit overwhelming. In 2022, I have never made monthly favorites, it seems. Now I want to update monthly favorites on my blog, okay? Let me give you a brief explanation about my experience using the product.

April Favorites

In April I tried so many skincare products. Really a lot and it turned out pretty good! In April there are 6 products which has become my favourite…

Azarine sunscreen

Azarine sunscreen

In April, Azarine launched a new sunscreen product and there is also an improved formula. I’ve discussed it in full at this post. There are two of my favorites, namely Azarine Hydramax-C Sunscreen Serum and Azarine Hydrasoothe Sunscreen Mist.

The Azarine Hydramax-C Sunscreen the texture is greatbecause it’s super light, not whitecast, not sticky, not greasy, doesn’t make it dull and it’s pretty good moisturizing. My child likes to skip moisturizer in the morning so I’m really happy to find this Hydramax sunscreen <3

If this Azarine Hydrasoothe Sunscreen Mix very practical for reapply. The texture when it’s applied is also light, not greasy, it’s easy to spread. The sprayer is also smooth, doesn’t cause pain or shock. Really love it!

Peel Off Mask Saturday Looks

Saturday Looks

You must know the masks that are usually available in beauty clinic. A peel off mask that looks cool, soft and the peel off doesn’t hurt. Well here it is! I found a beauty clinic-style peel off mask that I can use at home. This is the product Saturday Looks. Actually, they have 3 variants of peel off masks, namely brightening, acne and rejuve. I chose the rejuve one because it’s purple.

Actually, what’s a bit tricky about this mask is how to make it. If it’s too runny, it will be difficult to peel it off. But if it’s too thick, it can dry out too quickly. I myself have to make the dough twice, just to be successful. You can get the full review read here.

True To Skin Glo-C Booster & Inez Lip Smoothing Cream

April favorites

Glo-C Booster from True To Skin is super unique! He customizable, you can use 4% vitamin C or 8% vitamin C. I myself decided to use the 8% percentage. Well, in me he’s really ok spot treatment create acne and acne scars. Pimples that don’t die, can die right away. Which is already inflamed, so it dries up. Then if you have acne scars, they fade!

If this Inez Lip Smoothing Cream is one of my helpers during the month of Ramadan. Usually when fasting, the lips are dry, cracked, and then sore. So, ever since I used this My lips are really not dry at all during the month of Ramadan. Really cool to be honest~

LBP Body Mist Lavender & Vanilla

LBP Body Mist

This is it my favorite body mist lately. What really makes me like this body mist is not because of the fragrance, but because of this one multifunction very! I often use this body mist to spray on my pillow and mattress before going to bed. I don’t know why, maybe because of the calming fragrance, he made it more relaxed so. Besides, if used as a body mist, he Super long lasting fragrance! Even when it’s dry, the smell doesn’t go away. Very favorite <3

That’s my favorite product last April, is there one that is your favorite too?


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