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Acnaway’s New Product, Baby Skin Reborn Kit

By Salsabilla Kiranasafira – October 03, 2021

Acnaway has just released another new product, namely Baby Skin Reborn Kit. Acnaway itself is brand focused on products for acne prone skin. This Acnaway Baby Skin Reborn Kit consists of two products, namely for exfoliating and calming.

As I explained, Acnaway Baby Skin Reborn Kit It consists of two products namely

  • Acnaway AC Peeling Solution
  • Acnaway AC Healing Gel Mask

The concept of this Acnaway Baby Skin Reborn Kit is to exfoliate (with Acnaway AC Peeling Solution) and then proceed to the next step, which is soothing (with Acnaway AC Healing Gel Mask).

What’s interesting about Acnaway is they dare to give guarantee if it turns out that the product is not suitable and causes irritation to the skin. But there are conditions, yes, like the photo before-after and must be in accordance with the method of use. Well, so I don’t use it wrong, I’ll do it later share also how to use it.

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Packaging Acnaway Baby Skin Reborn Kit

The packaging of the Acnaway Baby Skin Reborn Kit is almost the same as the Acnaway BHA Acne Relief Patch, which is rich in white cardboard filled with writing about product descriptions and information. I think the packaging is unique because it feels like reading a newspaper with so many writings. The writing on the packaging is also not ordinary writing but it is really useful because the contents start from the description, ingredients, how to use, and others.

Now in the white cardboard there are two products, namely AC Peeling Solution and AC Healing Gel Mask. This AC Peeling Solution is a peeling Serum that does have to be rinsed off and its use only takes a few seconds. Meanwhile, AC Healing Gel is a gel-textured mask whose function is to soothe and brighten the skin.

The packaging of Acnaway Peeling Solution is a transparent bottle with a sticker that is almost the same as the white cardboard outer packaging. Then, for the applicator is a pipette. In the mouth of the bottle, there is stopper which can keep the product from spilling and spilling easily.

The packaging for Acnaway Healing Gel Mask is a plastic jar with a sticker similar to the previous product. Then in it there is inner lid to keep the mask hygienic.

Ingredients Acnaway Baby Skin Reborn Kit

After talking about the packaging, let’s go to ingredientscome on…

Acnaway Peeling Solution

This Acnaway Peeling Solution focuses on exfoliation. To exfoliating agentsthere are AHA, BHA and PHA. Let’s discuss one by one, okay? ingredientshis…

  • Glycolic Acid – One type of AHA whose function is to remove dead skin cells
  • Salicylic Acid – A type of BHA whose function is to reduce acne, clean pores and control oil production
  • Gluconic Acid – Is a PHA, exfoliating agent relatively light
  • Licorice Extract This ingredient has a function to brighten the skin
  • Centella Asiatica – This content can soothe the skin
  • Mugwort – Can treat acne

Acnaway Gel Mask

Acnaway Healing Gel Mask, which focuses on soothing and brightening the skin, contains..

  • Niacniamide – Ingredients to brighten the skin and strengthen skin barrier
  • Sodium Hyaluronate – Moisturizing skin
  • Calendula – Soothes skin
  • Mugwort – Overcoming acne

The two products in the Acnaway Baby Skin Reborn Kit are No Fragrance, No Paraben, No Alcohol and Fungal Acne Safe!

Texture & Scents Acnaway Baby Skin Reborn Kit

The texture of the Acnaway Peeling Solution is brownish liquid. When you put it on, it feels really light and the scent isn’t too bothersome either. Meanwhile, the Acnaway Healing Gel Mask has a slightly dense gel texture and is green in color. The smell is similar to that of herbal medicines.

How To Use Acnaway Baby Skin Reborn Kit

First, apply peeling solution to the skin area while smoothing it then wait a maximum of 60 seconds. After that immediately rinse and dry. The second step, use a gel mask to soothe the skin. Wear it for 10-15 minutes… After that, it’s done. Now, this ACNaway Baby Skin Reborn Kit is used at night.

My Thoughts

These two products very interesting, because it’s already a package. On my skin, both peeling solution and gel mask does not cause any negative effects. When I use peeling, there’s also nothing tingling sensation or sore.

In one use, this product can give you progress the good one. I will tell progress use this product…

Before using this Acnaway Baby Skin Reborn Kit, I had an inflamed pimple on my cheek. Finally I tried using a peeling solution first and then I rinsed. After wearing peeling, The pimple is a little flat. Then I continue to use gel mask and when rinsed, rednessis much reduced. After that I went to sleep and when I woke up in the morning, the acne was really calm and the next day it was dry!

I think this product is perfect for those of you who have problems with acne! He also not only treats acne, but also scars and soothes as well.

For those who want to try, you can check their shopee! Now there’s a discount, you know, so just 125 thousand, let’s check it right away!


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