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7 budget lip balms under rupees 150 one should have

Hello everyone,

I am fond of lip balms (Coz am not fond of make up or Lipsticks,I believe in being natural) and i like collecting different lip balms,if I use same lip balm daily ,I get bored of them.That too  in winter chapped lips are very  common,I cant do without a lip balm.Rather than investing in very costly brands,its better to see budget friendly lip balms which provides almost same nourishment as the costly ones do.
Listed below are  some of the lip balms  under 150 rupees.Most of the lip balms I got are from and amazon

Best skincare products one must have

1. Maybelline BABY LIPS

BUDGET:150 rs 

 There are different shades like Watermelon smooth,Anti oxidant berry,pink lolita ,Mangoe Pie,Cherry me and lots…But my personal  favorite  is berry blast, cherry kiss and Coral flush.I use this lip balm daily

  •  provides good moisturization  for chapped lips
  • provides SPF 15+
  • Travel friendly packaging
  • lightly tinted

2.Himalaya Herbals LIP BALM 

BUDGET:30 rs 

Amazing product and its super affordable,I guess this is the first lip balm which i bought and i have been using it since my school days.

  • Super Budget friendly
  • Stays on the lips for long
  • Keeps lips soft and well hydrated
  • Herbal
  • Transparent in color

3.JOY lip balm

BUDGET:30 rs 

Just like Himalaya ,its super affordable  fruity scent Worth the money

  • Fruity scent
  • Herbal vegan
  • Good hydration
  • Strawberry and Raspberry flavors
  • tinted

4. Himalaya RICH Coco BUTTER

BUDGET:150 rs  (Will be available in lower prices in Amazon)

This lip balm has an amazing fragrance and is transparent color  when applied on lips

  • Herbal
  • Chocolate Brown in color but no tint when applied on lips
  • Keeps lips soft 
  • amazing fragrance and taste 

5. Lakme lip love lip care

BUDGET:200 rs 

This lip balm is bit expensive when compared to others,but in Nykaa you will get it for 150 rs,This balm comes in 14 different shades.

  • Stays on the lips for long
  • Variety of shades/flavours
  • Keeps lips soft and well hydrated
  • Herbal
  • Transparent in color
  • Bit expensive

6.LOTUS LIP balm

BUDGET:150 rs 

One of my favorite  lip balm,but the problem is to use the finger for application.

  • Provides 3 shades
  • herbal
  • Fruity taste and fragrance
  • Stays longer 
  • Light tint

7. Lip bomb (Blue heaven)

BUDGET:77 rs 

This lip bombs are dupes of high end like eos lip balm comes in 3 different flavors
Bubblegum,Cocoa Butter,Strawberry,this is one of the cheapest balms with sphere shape of container.Its made up of 80% natural ingredients

  • Too cute and adorable
  • No tint
  • budget friendly
  • Nice fragrance
  • Moisturizes well
  • But you will need to reapply again and again

Please do try these lip balms/bombs they are cute and keeps your lips healthy as well.

Feel beautiful!!!

Signing off!!

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