May 27, 2022 8:51 am


There are many events in life that force us to adjust. From small things to complex things. Yes, my life has been a little messy lately. There are a lot of ‘changes’ that girls ask to understand, who just became legal last June 🙂 Many events have made me feel different from other teenagers, from other girls in the world. I don’t know how, but I really feel different and weird. I feel more introverted. Yes, it’s because a lot of unexpected things ‘fall’ on me without me expecting it, don’t even think about it. Yes, but no matter how hard it is to accept, I also have to be able to accept it sincerely, right? God can’t give me something like this without a way out, without wisdom to be taken, without the benefits that I can get from events like this 🙂

When I find it very difficult, I really almost give up. Luckily just barely. I’ve been under a lot of stress but I’m still used to it in front of other people out there because I don’t want other people to know that I’m like this. But there is one person who really exists. All the things that I feel I can immediately express to him without fear or anything. He always tries to calm me down, tries to make me strong, even though he can never really be told and persuaded. I also turned emotional to him, but he knew, he understood, my position that made me like that.

Sadly, everyone has their own goals and ideals. And sometimes ‘separation’ must be the way out. People who 1000000++% know me, 1000000++% know me, have to get out of their comfort zone to study abroad. First, he was told at the time of the announcement, he was so happy that he wanted to cry, finally :’) I really support him, because I know that’s what he wants, that’s what he wants. I finally realized that I was going to be temporarily separated from him. But the sadness and worry that I feel is always successful I hide from him, because I don’t want him to think about it and become angry hehe. But over time it explodes too, if it’s full, the place to hide it :))

He’s gone out of town. Yes, just out of town, but… that’s what it is:) With him gone, it means that after this I won’t be able to play at his house, vent until he cries, whines for coffee, slaps him :’), pinch him if he’s annoying, stalk people together, talking to people together, breakfasting Jakarta chicken porridge if you want to in the morning, taking care of village events together with the appendage of a chairman-secretary, and it will be difficult to take one more frame. Yesterday yesterday, if there was a bribic boy, he would immediately tell him, if he was outside, he would pass in front of the boy’s house. If I’m close to a guy, first ask him how it feels good. If suddenly I’m abandoned 🙁 I immediately cry and cry like someone who is stressed in front of him. Hm, I can’t go back to accompanying people to make misuhin huh:’) Tulul.

But I know and believe that everything that happens has its own purpose. Maybe with everything that has happened to me, I can become a stronger Bella than now, so a Bella who can smile more sincerely in front of other people. Maybe with her moving, Bella can become more independent, not like a spoiled baby sister anymore.

The point is, I one hundred percent support you, Ndis. Ospek Spirit, Lecture Spirit! So remember “I want Metallurgy at ITS”. Now you got it right? Fight for it, take it seriously, don’t give up easily, don’t be homesick!!!!:))) Cheer up, partner! 🙂 .

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