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5 favorite LIP Balms of our Bollywood and Television celebrities

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This post is slightly on the luxurious end since these are some of the favorite lip balms of our Indian Bollywood and Television Celebrities which includes international brands.I have listed some which are available in INDIA.

1. Kiehl’s lip balm #1

This lip balm is one of the must have lip balm as stated by Katrina Kaif.

  • Comes in Simple Tube packaging (15ml),but problem with this packaging is you need to use your fingers to apply onto lips
  • Claims to moisturize your lips and also heal chapped lips,and they are true to their claims
  • Though priced expensively,this lip balm is very good to be used by both Men and women especially in winter because of its jelly consistency.
  • once applied easily absorbs on to your skin
  • Comes in different flavors like Petroleum Skin Protection,Mint,Cranberry,Pear etc.

Pear flavored:

2. Body Shop Lip balm

This brand is one of the favorites not just among celebrities but also among common people,you tubers.Actress Mouni Roy,Yami Gautami stated that they use body shop lip balms

  • Body shop born lippy lip balms comes in cute tub packaging
  • Fruity smell and slight tint
  • when applied on lips gives shiny and glossy effect,hydrates and moisturizes your lips,no need to reapply again and again.
  • Made up of organic bees wax,castor oil,lanolin ,fruit extracts like raspberry lip balms have raspberry fruit extracts,strawberry has strawberry extracts .,,
  • little goes a long way and for the quantity 10 ml price of 550 rs is fine.
  • one cons is if you want tint,it looks red but when applied it gives very less tint.
  • Has different fruit flavors 

3.EOS Lip balm 

Eos lip balms (Evolution of smooth) are damn cute and favorite among most celebrities like Priyanka Chopra ,Mouni Roy… and also common man.This was earlier not available in India but now thanks to Amazon its available in India too

vanilla mint:

  • Eos lip balms are 95% organic,100% natural ,paraben and petroleum free(company claims)
  • Comes in cute girly egg like packaging
  • Can be used by Men too , keeps moisturized and does not look like you have applied something.
  • packed with enriched vitamin E , Shea butter,jojoba oil and many more ingredients that keeps your lips well moisturized,soft and supple
  • They do not provide tint.and is not heavy on your lips and due to its packaging easy to apply too.
  • Smell is very nice ,its really good to taste 
  • Comes in different variety of flavors,but not all flavors have SPF few like lemon have SPF 15.

Coral Shimmer:
Tangerine Lip Medicated:
Summer Fruit:
Coconut Milk:
Honey Apple:
Lemon Twist (SPF 15):
Limited Edition Peppermint mocha:
Limited Edition Lip balm (Pack of 3):

4. Laneige Lip Sleeping Mask

Well this is not a lip balm for daytime its a lip treatment mask. Laneige  is our DP  Deepika Padukone s one of favorite brand

  • Travel friendly luxurious packaging ,Comes with a spatula which in turn will not need to contamination of the product due to tub packaging
  • Formulated without Parabens and Pthalates,Not tested on animals
  • This is sleeping mask ,should be used as night cream for lips ,leave it whole night and next morning you will have hydrated lips.
  • It has thick texture,but is not sticky,moisturizes and protects lips from chapping
  • it has rich ingredients like berries which is abundant in Vitamin C
  • Little goes a long of way
  • But Drawbacks is its expensive,not much exfoliating

5. Maybelline  -Baby Lips

These are widely used by all common people including ME.Brand Ambassador Alia Bhat ‘s favorite lip balm as stated by her.

  • Product claims to provide 16 hr of moisturisation ,t has hydration restoring formula not just moisturizes but also protects lips
  • Most of baby lips varieties have SPF 15 to 20.
  • Packaging is very cute ,travel friendly and is easy to apply
  • Slight Fruity scent and provides good tint for lips,Can also be used as a base before applying lipstick
  • Wide range of shades with no tint,tint and lot more

These are slight expensive ,But do not worry i have a separate post for affordable lip balms as well find the link below

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