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3 Tips for Using Red Lipstick

By Salsabilla Kiranasafira – October 21, 2020

tips for wearing red lipstick

Every time I see someone wearing it lipstick red, i always wonder “why can they wear so good lipstick Red? while I don’t?” Lipstick red it can make a live view outstanding without needing much effort in the eyes and other parts of the face.

Lipstick red i think tricky really to use because it can make the face look so look older. That’s why I’ve rarely used it since bold lipstick, especially red. But now I’m starting to feel confident and I’ll give you tips on how to use it lipstick red for those of you who are still not confident to use it red lipstick!

elsheskin smooth lip matte queensberry

The most important thing when you want to wear red lipstick First, find the right red color for you. There are some red colors that are not suitable for skintone certain. Well my recommendation is Elsheskin Smooth Lip Matte the shade Queensberry! I think the color is perfect for everyone skintone, and it really is claim they. On me, the color is a bit deep but not so dark. Besides color, texture is also super important in my opinion! I myself prefer to wear liquid lipstick because the result is better on my lips when compared to bullet lipstick.

ombre lips tips

For those of you who are just trying to use it for the first time red lipstick, you can start with ombre lips! Ombre lips This has been my favorite since it started explore makeup because it’s really safe. Lips don’t look pale, but they’re not over also! Here, I’m wearing Elsheskin Smooth Lip Matte shade Hello Beautiful and Queensberry.

Ombre lips This has been a huge hit since the Korean makeup ‘fever’ started to enter Indonesia. This technique makes the lip color into a gradation or have a two-color transition. To make ombre lips two colors needed lipstick different. Darker colors are usually used on the inside of the lips.

how to ombre lips

Shades Hello Beautiful it’s a slightly pinkish nude color and when diombreed with Queensberry the result is super pretty! Don’t forget that for ombre you have to make sure that the two colors really blend together and don’t look like you’re wearing two different colors. This can be done by tapping with your finger. Keep tapping until the color transition looks smooth.

tips for wearing red lipstick

If ombre lips it feels too complicated because you have to use two different colors, you can do this one way, namely tap-tap! So here only need one lipstick just use it red lipstick and you apply it this way.

how to wear red lipstick

First, apply Elsheskin Smooth Lip Matte (Queensberry) to the three dots on the lower lip. I usually use it in the center of my lips. After that, immediately smooth it all over the lips. Don’t let it sit on the three points for too long, it’s going to be difficult to level it off. Then do the same to the upper lip, smooth. So come on!

Actually, I’ve been doing this method for a long time when I use it lipstick with colors that I think are too ‘flashy’. The results are always great and look very natural! For those of you who are really not confident to use it lipstick red, this one method is really suitable to try.

tips for wearing red lipstick

Well this is the most extreme one, wearing lipstick red all over the lips. My tip, you can use a lip liner or a brush first to apply lipstick to the edge of the lips. That way can minimize lipstick you guys are out of lip line. Oh yes, you can use lipstick red a few layers if you feel the color is still lacking.

Appearance full lips use lipstick This red is suitable for formal occasions. You can combine it with eye makeup simple. Because use lipstick red by full lips can automatically make makeup you look outstanding.

tips for wearing red lipstick

Smooth Lip Matte from Elsheskin this is already part of My Signature Makeup because the results are matte, light, and the colors are beautiful! My favorite two shades are actually Oh My Nude! and Hello Beautiful. But when you see Queensberry Honestly, I’m really curious and interested in trying it even though the color isn’t really me. When I tried it, it turned out to be beautiful and the results weren’t as rich as I thought. At first I thought to use lipstick Red always gives the impression of being old and fierce, but it turns out Queensberry this isn’t it 😍
elsheskin queensberry
elsheskin queensberry

If you’re looking for liquid lipstick red color that suits everyone skintone, light texture, coverage ok, result matte And it lasts a long time, so I recommend you to try this Elsheskin Smooth Lip Matte shade Queensberry! I’m the first to try using it lipstick red just fell in love.

You can get this product through official WA Elsheskin or you can also go through website Elsheskin. Don’t forget to use the code “SQUADBELLA” to get a 10% discount. Well, more detailed information about the product you can see at her instagram.

Those were 3 tips to use lipstick red like me Do you have any tips for using it? lipstick Red? Share dong~


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